Morphology of jaw joints of mammals and diapsids (reptiles and birds).
Researchers in Japan have determined that the middle ear and eardrum evolved independently in mammals vs reptiles and birds, answering questions that have long mystified paleontologists.
Researchers have taken advantage of a rare opportunity to record and map tinnitus in the brain of a patient undergoing surgery, with the goal of finding the brain networks responsible for this condition characterized by "phantom noise."
James Windmill
An insect-inspired microphone that can tackle the problem of locating sounds and eliminating background noise may advance modern-day hearing aid systems.
YotaPhone 2
Psyx Research Inc has been tapped by Yota Devices to include its adaptive Earprint technology in the new YotaPhone 2, a “two-front” smartphone.
Figure 1
This study reports that the Siemens binaural beamformer Narrow Directionality in a new 2-microphone device is as effective as in the RIC form factor.
Dennis Van Vliet, AuD
Van Vliet looks at how the world is changing, noting that today we are busy trying to understand noise reduction options and how to program optimally as technology advances. What will we be doing in 25 years?
professional counseling patients
Author Von Hansen uses a case example to illustrate how a hearing care professional can insert 4 objectives into a patient history consult to transform it into a vital component of the counseling protocol.
Marshall Chasin, AuD
Dr Chasin examines how less change may be more beneficial for hearing aid users who want to hear music clearly, with a special look at classical vs rock music.
Jamie van den Bergh
Clarity has named Jamie van den Bergh as the company’s new president. Van den Bergh succeeds Carsten Trads, who is retiring after more than a decade at the helm of Clarity.
The Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act (HR 2) was overwhelmingly approved on a 92-8 vote in the US Senate on April 14, repealing the Medicare Sustainable Growth Rate (SGR) formula and paving the way for ICD-10 code set implementation. However, an amendment to HR 2 that would have repealed Medicare’s Part B outpatient therapy caps was defeated.
Figure 1
Both generic and proprietary prescriptions have over time decreased their prescribed gain, and the reduction has been largest in a fairly broad frequency range around 1 kHz.
Auris Medical
Auris Medical, a Switzerland-based clinical-stage company developing therapeutics for hearing conditions, announced publications in two peer-reviewed journals related to AM-101, the company's drug developed for treating acute inner ear tinnitus.
New Drugs in Pipeline
According to the 2015 Hearing Progress Report from Action on Hearing Loss (formerly RNID), the first drugs to treat or prevent hearing conditions could be available in 5 years.
Brian Taylor, AuD
Audiologist Brian Taylor explains how professionals must change in order to meet the needs of the hearing healthcare marketplace in the “just good enough” era.
Tomi Thibodeaux-Browne, AuD
The Salus University Alumni Association announced its 2015 awards, and two of the recipients this year are audiologists who have largely contributed to the profession. The awards will be presented at the celebration dinner during Alumni Weekend, May 2-3, 2015.
Osteoporosis and sudden deafness are linked
According to a retrospective cohort study carried out in Taiwan, people with osteoporosis are at higher risk for sudden deafness.
DevinNunes (R-CA).
Representatives Devin Nunes (R-CA) and Mike Thompson (D-CA) reintroduced the bipartisan Hearing Aid Tax Credit (HR1882 or HATC) which would provide a $500 credit to people who need a hearing aid (or $1000 for a binaural fitting).
Immunostained mouse auditory nerve synapses after noise exposure
In a new genome-wide association study, an international team of neuroscientists found evidence that some people may be more genetically susceptible to noise-induced hearing loss than others.
ear exam, an online career resource, has named "audiologist" as the #2 job on its list of "The Best Jobs of 2015."

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Sonova Holding AG announced that it successfully finalized the previously announced acquisition of Hansaton Akustik GmbH, a Hamburg, Germany-based wholesale hearing aid company.