Osteoporosis and sudden deafness are linked
According to a retrospective cohort study carried out in Taiwan, people with osteoporosis are at higher risk for sudden deafness.
DevinNunes (R-CA).
Representatives Devin Nunes (R-CA) and Mike Thompson (D-CA) reintroduced the bipartisan Hearing Aid Tax Credit (HR1882 or HATC) which would provide a $500 credit to people who need a hearing aid (or $1000 for a binaural fitting).
Immunostained mouse auditory nerve synapses after noise exposure
In a new genome-wide association study, an international team of neuroscientists found evidence that some people may be more genetically susceptible to noise-induced hearing loss than others.
ear exam
CareerCast.com, an online career resource, has named "audiologist" as the #2 job on its list of "The Best Jobs of 2015."
Sonova Holding AG announced that it successfully finalized the previously announced acquisition of Hansaton Akustik GmbH, a Hamburg, Germany-based wholesale hearing aid company.
capitolbuilding opt
On April 27, the Institute of Medicine (IOM) will hold a meeting and open session on "Accessible and Affordable Hearing Health Care for Adults" at the Keck Center of the National Academies in Washington, DC at 10:30 AM Eastern.
An all-audiology choir opened the festivities during the 2015 AudiologyNOW! General Assembly.
A review of the American Academy of Audiology's AudiologyNOW! 2015 convention and a report on the Academy's General Assembly.
ReSound Smart App for Apple Watch
ReSound has introduced the ReSound Smart app for Apple Watch which allows users to take advantage of seamless, on-the-go control, right from their wrist.
Andrew Glasmacher
To support its ongoing growth, Listen Technologies appoints Andrew Glasmacher as product training manager to serve as an additional resource for dealers and end users.
Quarterly net unit sales of hearing aids, with the private/commercial market shown in blue, and the VA shown in red. Overall yearly sales percentage gains/losses are displayed at the top of the graph.
Hearing aid sales in the United States during the first quarter of 2015 increased by 11.32% compared to the same period last year, with nearly identical strong sales for both the private sector and the VA.
misophonia or sound rage
A UCSF pilot study shows that mindfulness is a treatment approach for tinnitus that may help the roughly 50 million Americans who suffer from the condition, providing longterm relief.
HearStrong Foundation
The HearStrong team, including representatives from EarQ and Boys Town National Research Hospital, educated people at the 2015 Omaha Health Expo about the benefits of hearing better.
high-fashion hearing aids
Advanced Style, a high-fashion blog and media brand aimed at glamorous seniors, and Audicus, an online hearing aid company, collaborated on a collection of limited-edition fashionable hearing aids in vivid patterns.
MAICO Diagnostics and Interacoustics have announced an agreement to offer a full line of hearing testing medical devices to Novation, which represents a large number of hospitals and health care providers.
rabbit study on echoes for distance perception
Neuroscience researchers at the University of Connecticut (UConn Health) studied rabbits to show that we use echoes and amplitude modulation to determine the distance of a noise.
Christine Yoshinaga-Itano, PhD
In her Marion Downs Lecture at AAA 2015, Christine Yoshinaga-Itano, PhD, provided a comprehensive update of how far we have come in early hearing screenings and interventions, thanks to the combined efforts of Downs and the many dedicated colleagues she inspired.
Listen Technologies
Listen Technologies appointed two new manufacturer’s representative firms—DL Henderson Company for New England, and Sigmet Corporation for the Mid-Atlantic through upstate New York region.
Steven Eagon
Unitron US appointed Steven Eagon as director of in-clinic success, a role the company says underlines its support of hearing care professionals in providing exceptional in-clinic patient experiences.
Oticon donates $25,000 to AAAF
At the AudiologyNOW! AAA 2015 conference in San Antonio, Texas, Oticon President Peer Lauritsen presented a $25,000 donation to the America Academy of Audiology Foundation’s (AAAF) Empowering People scholarship fund.

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Mike Dittman
Mike Dittman has been named president of Unitron US, and the company has launched its North platform and new Moxi products after successful live trials at AAA 2015.