Audigy Group employees collected nearly 3,000 pounds of food to help feed the hungry and homeless in their local community.


Audigy Group Teams Up With Share House This Thanksgiving

Audigy employees helped collect nearly 3,000 pounds of seasonal food for Share House’s 2014 holiday food drive to help feed the hungry in their community. Many employees also volunteer to help serve hot meals at Share House on a monthly basis.

Ulrich Mueller, PhD, The Scripps Research Institute


Discovery of Gene Mutation That Can Cause Deafness

A Tmie gene mutation can cause deafness from birth, according to scientists at The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI). The TSRI researchers report they were able to reintroduce the gene in mice and restore the process underpinning hearing.


Cochlear Implant Patients Risk Magnet Displacement and Pain during MRI

Magnet displacement, pain and discomfort during magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) can be a risk for cochlear implant patients, according to a report published in JAMA Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery. CI patients can have difficulties while undergoing an MRI because of exposure of the CI’s internal magnet to the strong electromagnetic field of MRI.

Thirty hearing care professionals attended Siemens' 2-day "Active Kids & Teens BestSound" training event in New Jersey to learn about product solutions and patient counseling for kids, tweens and teens.


Siemens Conducts Active Kids and Teens Event

Siemens Hearing Instruments recently held its first “Active Kids and Teens BestSound” training event at its New Jersey facility. Thirty hearing care professionals from around the country attended the two-day meeting, which focused on product solutions and patient counseling geared to children, tweens, and teens.

The 10-minute phone based hearing test requires a landline, and may indicate if you need to visit a hearing health professional.


Phone Based Hearing Test Launches in the US

Scientists with the National Hearing Test Project have developed a phone based hearing test to help people take the first step in managing their hearing health—with initial hearing loss testing via the telephone.

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Interventional Audiology, Part 3: Changes in Primary Care and Health Belief Systems Are Opportunities for Hearing Healthcare

In the new reimbursement environment that places value of care over volume of patients seen, the hearing healthcare specialist can help primary care providers succeed. It is increasingly evident that better hearing leads to better patient compliance and better overall outcomes, and hearing healthcare professionals can reap benefits and an increasingly important role in the healthcare system.

From left: John Fithian (NATO, president & CEO); John Stanton (AG Bell, volunteer); Anna Gilmore Hall (Hearing Loss Association of America, executive director); Andrew Phillips (NAD, policy counsel);
I. King Jordan, Ph.D. (Gallaudet University, president emeritus, and ALDA); Randy Smith (Regal Entertainment Group, senior vice president, chief administrative officer & counsel)


HLAA Signs Agreement on Nationwide Movie Captioning

An initiative amongst five organizations has led to documents being filed with the US Department of Justice that help improve access to movies in US theaters for deaf and hard of hearing people. The HLAA, NAD, ALDA, and AG Bell met with representatives from the National Association of Theater Owners (NATO) to hammer out the agreement on movie captioning.

Loudspeaker array.


New TV Sound System for Hard of Hearing

A University of Southampton researcher has developed a TV loudspeaker system that helps people with hearing problems listen to television without affecting the sound for other viewers.