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EAR Inc Releases Waterproof Electronic Earplugs

EAR Inc announces that its new SHOTHUNT waterproof electronic earplugs are designed to meet the needs of hunters and shooters, with nanotechnology that protects the electronic components of the plugs against water, moisture, sweat, and other corrosive elements.

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Staff Standpoint: Stick to Your Guns

What hearing care professionals cannot lose sight of is that you have a proven and comprehensive solution for an extremely detrimental and debilitating (if untreated) chronic health condition: hearing loss.

Abby Armijo, owner of ADCO Hearing Products


ADCO Hearing Products Changes Ownership

ADCO Hearing Products transferred ownership in November 2014, and new owner Abby Armijo plans to continue ADCO’s history of great products and services, while expanding its offerings throughout next year.

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Back to Basics: Live vs Recorded Music

Some municipal jurisdictions may ban live music in public venues while allowing recorded music to be played, but there are some important differences when considering live versus recorded music, says Marshall Chasin, AuD.