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Childhood Ear Infections and Tonsillitis Linked to Hearing Loss

If you are one of those hearing care professionals who secretly groan when your patients tell you they think their hearing loss is due to the chronic ear infections they suffered as children, groan no longer. They just may be right. Findings from the ongoing 1947 Newcastle Thousand Families Study show that those who suffered from infections as a child were more likely to have a hearing loss in their 60s.

Figure 2a-c. Narrow Directionality output signal characteristic. a) Monaural directional output characteristic; b) Binaural beamforming output characteristic; c) binax Narrow Directionality: Binaural beamforming combined with Binaural Noise Reduction.

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New Binaural Strategies for Enhanced Hearing

Introduced in this paper are two key features of the new Siemens binax system: 1) Narrow Directionality, an enhanced binaural beamforming algorithm designed for very difficult listening situations, and 2) Spatial SpeechFocus, a self-steering binaural beamforming algorithm designed especially for situations with talkers from side and back directions in noisy environments.

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EUHA 2014 Kicks Off Busy Week in Hannover, Germany

As one of the key events on the worldwide hearing industry calendar, EUHA provides its members and attendees with a wide selection of educational venues presented by world experts from academia, industry, and dispensing practices.



Lower Risk of Hearing Loss in Women Who Consume Fish and Fatty Acids

Researchers at Brigham and Women’s Hospital found that consumption of 2 or more servings of fish per week was associated with a lower risk of hearing loss in women. “Consumption of any type of fish (tuna, dark fish, light fish, or shellfish) tended to be associated with lower risk. These findings suggest that diet may be important in the prevention of acquired hearing loss,” stated lead-author Sharon Curhan.