ear infections may have a genetic component
Baylor College of Medicine researchers discovered that variants of the A2ML1 gene may make some people more susceptible to middle ear infections, or otitis media. The discovery may alter how ear infections are treated in people with those variants.
Patients with sensory loss or disability are set to benefit from improved healthcare in the UK after the Accessible Information Standard goes into effect, ensuring the health information they receive is clear, consistent, and easy to understand.
Fit to Serve campaign from IHS
On June 24, the IHS teamed up with Miracle-Ear to visit more than 100 congressional offices in support of IHS’ Fit to Serve campaign and related bi-partisan federal legislation, HR 353/S 564, which seeks to improve veterans’ access to critical hearing healthcare services.
SanibelTM electrode package
The SanibelTM electrode, which is designed for auditory evoked potential (AEP) and electrocochleography (ECochG) procedures, has been re-released by Sanibel Supply and a new production partner.
Cochlear Limited
The Cochlear Nucleus Profile with Slim Straight Electrode (CI522) from Cochlear Limited combines the thinnest full-length electrode with the surgical and cosmetic benefits of the thinnest cochlear implant body. 
Researchers at Yale University School of Medicine conducted a retrospective analysis and found that workers with a history of tinnitus in conjunction with high-frequency hearing loss are more likely to be injured.
Chestnut-capped babblers use language
A new bird study of the chestnut-crowned babbler shows that stringing together meaningless sounds to create signals and structure phonemes is not unique to humans, as previously thought.
Hansaton EaseHD
The new EaseHD platform for hearing aids released by Hansaton offers high-definition technology that is designed to provide a surround sound HD experience for more natural hearing and clearer speech.
US Dept of Labor
The US Department of Labor (DOL), awarded the IHS certification for new National Guidelines for Apprenticeship Standards for Hearing Aid Specialists. The Hearing Aid Specialist Certified Apprenticeship is a two-year program.
Audiology Systems, a US distributor of GN Otometrics products as well as other leading audiology and vestibular equipment, has announced the availability of the OTObase patient management module from Otometrics to hearing care professionals in the United States.
Summer concerts and music festivals can be loud
Packing earplugs along with sunscreen is a good idea this summer, says the Better Hearing Institute, which provides 6 tips to help people protect their hearing from noisy summer activities that can cause damage.
ASHA Infographic for July 4th
The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) produced an infographic that provides tips to help people protect their hearing while enjoying fireworks and concerts this July 4th.
Deb Abel, AuD
AudigyCare announced the hiring of Debbie Abel, AuD, to provide Audigy Group Members with help in navigating the complexity of Medicare coding, billing, reimbursements, and third party contracts.
Dr Kasewurm shares a few pitfalls she has learned to avoid during her 30 years of experience in running a successful hearing care practice. This is her list of the top 10 business mistakes to avoid.
Auris Medical
Auris Medical Holding and Cochlear Limited announced they will collaborate on a planned randomized placebo-controlled clinical trial in the US (the REACH trial) to investigate otoprotection during cochlear implant (CI) surgery.
Jay Kaplan, MD
The annual 2015 Oticon Clinical Grand Rounds Conference brought together multi-specialty practice teams to explore strategies for staying responsive and proactive in a challenging hearing healthcare arena.
HearStrong Champions
At a special ceremony in Mauston, Wisconsin, Mayor Brian McGuire helped representatives of the HearStrong Foundation recognize student Karlie Stefan for her inspirational journey to overcome hearing loss and empower others.
Gabrielle Filips, AuD, Oticon
Oticon Inc appointed three new account managers to the company’s Government Services Team, which works closely with VA and government audiologists to bring quality hearing health products and services to US veterans and active military personnel.
zebra finches are good research model for auditory function
A study of zebra finches reveals that norepinephrine, a neuromodulator, aids the brain in sorting complex auditory signals for hearing in noisy environments.

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Nucleus 6 Upgrade for cochlear implant
The FDA has approved the Nucleus 6 Sound Processor, which is a technology upgrade with many advanced features for the Nucleus 22 cochlear implant from Cochlear Limited.