Lynzee McShea


People with Learning Disabilities Need to Be Checked for Hearing Loss

The report says people with learning disabilities are more likely to have hearing loss than the general population, but are less likely to have their hearing loss diagnosed and managed with hearing aids. This is mainly because hearing loss diagnosis relies on self-referral, which is an initial barrier for people with learning disabilities. Likewise, caregivers need to be educated about hearing loss and learning disability.


EEGs Could Improve Autism Diagnosis and Classification

A study of 43 children with autism spectrum disorder indicated that, the more time required for an ASD individual to process auditory signals, the more severe that person’s autistic symptoms. “This is a first step toward developing a biomarker of autism severity—an objective way to assess someone’s place on the ASD spectrum,” said co-author Sophie Molholm. “Using EEG recordings in this way might also prove useful for objectively evaluating the effectiveness of ASD therapies.”