Figure 4. Individual subject Tinnitus Functional Index (TFI) baseline and 6 months post Widex Zen Therapy scores for the 24 subjects. The solid line represents equivalent baseline vs final (post treatment) scores while the dashed line represents the 13-point benefit score required for clinical efforts to be considered clinically significant.


Clinical Trial on the Effectiveness of Widex Zen Therapy for Tinnitus

The results from this clinical study strongly support the use of Widex Zen Therapy in tinnitus patient management. This individualized comprehensive approach combining counseling (instructional and adjustment-based cognitive behavioral intervention), amplification, fractal tones and/or noise, and relaxation strategies was highly effective in reducing tinnitus handicap in a short period of time, with improvements apparent through at least the 6-month duration of this investigation.


Counseling/Rehab/Patient Care

Right Product; Right Message: A Cognitive-Behavioral Approach to Interacting with Patients

This article is a micro-level analysis of how hearing care professionals can help patients deconstruct their hearing loss and reprogram “wrong messages.” To the extent that a person with hearing loss has internalized negative social norms, a “traditional” audiology or hearing care visit is likely to trigger shame-based self-evaluative cognitions. For example, “I didn’t study properly for the hearing test, therefore I’m unworthy.”



Know Your Marketing; Know Your ROI

Effective marketing requires establishing benchmarks for successful efforts, collecting the data generated by your marketing tactics, and measuring their success or lack thereof through ROI analysis. Ultimately, ROI analysis provides you with the knowledge and ability to adjust your marketing plan to capture beneficial trends or eliminate wasteful spending.

Audiologist Lindsay Bondurant, PhD


Oticon Hearing Foundation Supports 2014 Project Amazon

Two audiologists from Illinois State University—Lindsay Bondurant, PhD and second-year AuD student Ellen Avoletta—have been selected to travel to the Oticon Clinic in Parintins, Brazil as part of Project Amazon. The Oticon Hearing Foundation will again underwrite the costs for the humanitarian mission that provides audiology care and hearing solutions to children and adults from some of Brazil’s most impoverished communities.

A captioning system designed for Google Glass allows a person to speak into a smartphone, and the text is displayed on Glass for a hard-of-hearing user.

Product News

Software for Google Glass Provides Captions for Hard-of-Hearing Users

A team of researchers at Georgia Institute of Technology has created speech-to-text software for Google Glass that helps hard-of-hearing users with everyday conversations. According to the research team that designed the Captioning on Glass software system, a hard-of-hearing person wears Glass while a second person speaks directly into a smartphone. The speech is converted to text, sent to Glass and displayed on its heads-up display.

Advanced sound processing improves speech understanding for hearing aid users, but makes music listening more challenging.


Advanced Hearing Aids Make Speech Clearer, Music Difficult

The type of sound processing that modern hearings aids provide to make speech more understandable may also make music enjoyment more difficult, according to a new study by the University of Colorado Boulder. The findings, suggest that less sophisticated hearing aids might actually be more compatible with listening to music, especially recorded music that has been processed.

One in five adolescents or teens has hearing loss--mostly high-frequency hearing loss--possibly related to noise exposures


Teen Hearing Loss Not Identified by Screening Questions

According to a report from researchers at Penn State College of Medicine, subjective screening questions do not reliably identify teenagers who are at risk for hearing loss. The results suggest that objective hearing tests should be refined for this age group to replace screening questions.