Margaret Hutchison
Margaret Hutchison is an audiologist and the founder of Austin Hearing Services. Now the CEO of a medical marketing firm, her marketing strategies are aimed at helping other audiology practices.
Corina Sandulescu
Clarity announces that Karen Windham has been named director of sales and marketing; Corina Sandulescu has been named director of engineering; and Jonathan Gray has been named senior product manager.
1 in 7 Latino adults has hearing loss
According to NIH-funded research, nearly 1 in 7 Latino adults has some hearing loss. Contrary to prior research of the general population, smoking, obesity, cardiovascular disease, and stroke were not significantly associated with an increased likelihood of hearing loss in the Latino population.
The agreement allows for greater financing choices for Connect Hearing patients and provides CareCredit’s cardholders more options for their hearing care needs.
2015 So The World May Hear Gala
The Starkey Hearing Foundation's fundraising event brought together professional athletes, supporters, celebrities, two former presidents, and more than 1,600 guests at the Saint Paul RiverCentre on Sunday, July 26.
Iemke Roos Sales Team
Minnesota-based wireless communication company Williams Sound named Iemke Roos Audio as its exclusive commercial sound distribution partner in Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg, effective June 2015.
hair cells
In a mouse study supported by the NIH and NIDCD, researchers found that hearing loss associated with the aminoglycosides class of antibiotics is more likely when systemic inflammation from infection is present.
wearables are gaining in popularity
Hearables today do more than simply play music, according to, and data indicates that more companies are joining this technology trend, helping the hearables market grow to a predicted $5 billion by 2018.
Dennis Van Vliet, AuD
Dr Van Vliet discusses how we can help patients define what they want. They may only know that they are annoyed by their inability to understand speech in certain environments. If we build an approach that patients see is unique and specific for their needs, it may help shape their perception of the outcome.
Music Training and Aural Rehabilitation
With the wealth of exciting research findings in the areas of neuroplasticity and music training, it increasingly appears likely that concepts related to music training can be applied to aural rehabilitation for numerous clinical populations.
Wearable Technology Market
Market research and event company IDTechEx Research is hosting a November 2015 event to help businesses capitalize on new opportunities in the $24 billion wearable technology industry.
Hybrid cochlear implant
According to early findings from a multi-center study led by specialists at NYU Langone Medical Center, people with a common form of hearing loss not helped by hearing aids achieved significant improvements in their hearing and understanding of speech with hybrid cochlear implants.
Figure 4.
This article describes a new silver-zinc rechargeable battery system that is located in a battery door that can be retrofitted into many popular hearing aids.
Table 1.
Overall, this PBS shows there are ample opportunities for growing a hearing healthcare business for those HCPs who are willing to analyze the data and ask more profound questions than “Why should I care?”
Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)
TBI may result in hearing loss and vestibular and central auditory problems. This article offers a brief literature review on the subject with suggestions for hearing care professionals.
Gael Hannan
Gael Hannan's blog takes a humorous look at the kinds of comments one should and should not make when talking to people with hearing loss.
Back to Basics
Many hearing professionals have run into situations where a recent hearing technology innovation should work, but doesn’t. Dr Chasin suggests that it may be time for hearing care professionals to retry what didn’t work last year.
Williams Sound
Williams Sound says the creation of Spanish and Portuguese versions of its website confirms the company’s commitment to providing relevant technology and tools to its customers in the US and abroad.
The EarQ team is welcoming an influx of new business consultants, digital marketing experts, and logistics coordinators, among others, with the aim of building one of the strongest groups of consultants in the hearing industry.

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