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Help Wanted EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES. Sandia Hearing & Audiology, one of America’s oldest and largest retail organizations is expanding. We need audiologists and hearing aid specialists in Arizona and Las Vegas, NV. First year

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Craig Castelli Greg Horn Russell D. Gey Lisa A. Perhacs Jaime L. Wigner Siemens Hearing Ins

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Stimulus Generator for VNG Interacoustics, Eden Prairie, Minn, introduces a new stimulus generator to better support the oculomotor tests that can be performed with the Interacoustics VO25 Video Nystagmography system. The new Oculomotor stimuli, p


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David S. Schneider President Entific Medical Systems Inc Entific Medical Systems Inc is a hearing implant manufacturer based in Powell, Ohio. HR recently interviewed David S. Schneider, president, about the company’s product line. What are

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Congress Considers Hearing Aid Tax Credits While States Move to Include Hearing Aids in Programs Washington, DC — The proposed Hearing Aid Assistance Tax Credit Act (HR 3103) continues to garner support in Congress, and now has 17 bipartisan


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Special Issue: Sudden Hearing Loss Could there be anything more terrifying than to awake one morning and realize that one of your primary senses no longer functions? Just imagine what it would be like to lose your vision or hearing overnight. No


Rehabilitative Aspects of ISSNHL

Amplification and bone conduction options for those with idiopathic sudden sensorineural hearing loss (ISSNHL), and why counseling is the key to success.