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HELP WANTED Hearing Instrument Specialist/Audiologist Beltone Hearing Centers is growing with opportunities available in Virginia, Maryland, and the Washington, DC, Metropolitan Area. This National President’s Cup w

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April 1-2, Health Care 2006, American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, Nashville, Tenn. Contact: www.asha.org. 3, Freedom™ to Explore a World of Opportunities, Cochlear Americas, White Plains, NY. Contact: www.regonline.com/88792


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Audiology Foundation of America Michael Pengelly The Audiology Foundation of America (AFA), Lafayette, Ind, has awarded two scholarships to audiologists who have enrolled in distance education programs. Michael Pengelly and Jennifer Resid


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Business Child-focused Dispensing Company Opens Audiologists and early interventionists Jacqueline Scholl, AuD, and Kristi Carpenter, MS, have formed a new company, Kidlfyx Kreations, Tulsa, Okla. Pint-sized hearing aid maintenance kits in

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Digital Hearing Instruments Rexton, Plymouth, Minn, introduces the Calibra family of digital hearing instruments. All Calibra instruments feature a Sound Profile Management System that allows for automation or personalization of microphone and


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Yuri Sokolov, PhD, MBA, president and CEO of Vivosonic Inc, Toronto, Canada, tells HR about his company’s solution to ABR testing. Q What is unique about your company? A It is an extraordinary team that is capab

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James Jerger to Keynote AAA General Assembly The American Academy of Audiology (AAA) will hold its annual convention at the Minneapolis Convention Center on April 5-8. The Academy announced that James Jerger, PhD, will provide the keynote addr


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Loud Noise Exposure May Increase Risks for Acoustic Neuroma San Francisco—According to new research at Ohio State University by Colin Edwards and Judith Schwartzbaum, repeated exposure to loud noise increases the risk of developing an aco


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Opinion Musicians and Hearing Loss The topic of music and hearing loss has been all over the news, particularly with regard to the wildly popular iPods and other MP3 players (see News). This issue of The Hearing Review focuses on music an