Focus On: OAE Screeners

We tap our readers into what distributors and practitioners nationwide are saying about products in the marketplace. This month, we spotlight OAE screeners.


Less Art, More Science

Digital earmold modeling has bolstered consistency and reduced remake rates, but the holy grail remains out of reach—at least for now.


News Story #10486

Oaktree Offers Fanstel Phones Oaktree Products Inc, St Louis, introduces one- and two-line amplified phones from Fanstel. These phones provide 52 dB amplification at 120 dB SPL through the handset and outstanding speaker phone performance.


News Story #10473

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Will Campbell

Putting the “Ovation” in Innovation

Beyond all the changes taking place within the pages of the last few issues of this magazine, a couple of other things have gotten me thinking about product innovations within the industry and how such things come about. In December, I bas