Oticon Hearing Foundation Donates $27,500 to AAAF

Over 2,700 audiologists rocked for a cause at the “Empowering People Rock Gala” sponsored by the Oticon Hearing Foundation during this year’s AAA conference. In addition to the celebration, the foundation made a $27,500 donation to the American Academy of Audiology Foundation (AAAF).

Cotton Swabs a Threat to Eardrums, But 97% of Cases Heal Naturally

The bad news: A study by Henry Ford Hospital shows a direct association between cotton swab use and ruptured eardrum. The good news: The study also shows that, in most cases, the rupture heals on its own and surgery is only necessary for the most severe cases. The study was presented at the recent Combined Otolaryngology Spring Meeting in Chicago.

House Ear Institute Changes Name to House Research Institute

The House Ear Institute Board of Trustees has officially announced that it is changing its name to House Research Institute (HRI). The nonprofit organization says that the change to “Research” more accurately reflects its expanding mission.

A New Guide for Managing a Balance Disorders Practice

Thieme has recently published the second edition of Vestibular Function: Clinical and Practice Management, a book that includes detailed information on dizziness and balance disorders, as well as essential information on how to establish and run a balance disorder clinic.

Audiologist Ranked as #1 Least Stressful Job

CareerCast.com rated “Audiogist” as its least stressful job. As might be expected, many audiologists’ postings vehemently disagreed, but others were thankful for the promotion of the profession.