Canadian Surgeon Introduces Faster, Less Expensive Technique to Repair Ear Drum Perforations

A new surgical technique for treating perforations of the tympanic membrane in children and adults has been developed at the Sainte-Justine University Hospital Center, an affiliate of the University of Montreal. The new technique is reported to be as effective as traditional myringoplasty, yet less expensive and able to be performed in 20 minutes at an outpatient clinic.

More Age-Related Hearing Loss in Female Diabetics with Poor Glucose Control

A new study from Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit shows that women between the ages of 60 and 75 with well-controlled diabetes had better hearing than women with poorly controlled diabetes. The study also shows significantly worse hearing in all women younger than 60 with diabetes, even if it is well controlled.

Oticon Medical Expands Support Team for 2012

Oticon Medical has announced the appointment of Kimberlee M. Griffey, AuD, as regional manager, and Beverly Ostrowski as its new customer service manager. The new hires will expand the companys professional support and customer service for 2012.