200 Ideas Submitted, 2 Months to Go for “Ideas” Campaign

More than 200 original ideas have been posted on awarenessforhearingloss.com since the Oticon Foundation and Ida Institute launched “Ideas, Speak Up – Action and Awareness for Hearing Loss,” a call for ideas to build awareness of hearing loss.

Advanced Bionics Introduces iPad App

Advanced Bionics (AB) recently announced the launch of its iPad app for choosing colors and styles for Neptune, the company’s swimmable sound processor for cochlear implants.

HEARing CRC Named as Finalist for Eureka Award for NAL-NL2 Algorithm

The HEARing Cooperative Research Centre (HEARing CRC), an Australian public-private research center, has been named as a finalist for the Eureka: Commercialization of Innovation Award for their work developing NAL-NL2, the novel mathematical formula that optimizes the fitting and performance of hearing aids for individual users.

13th Annual Texas Academy of Audiology Conference

The 13th Annual Texas Academy of Audiology Conference will take place November 8 to 10, 2012, in San Antonio, Tex. The theme for the conference is “Back to the Future: Celebrating the Past, Present and Future of Audiology.”

Apple May Integrate Next iPhone with Hearing Aids

A patent filed by Apple reveals that the company may include the ability to adjust hearing aids via its iPhone and a connection to a hearing aid provider or manufacturer. Participating hearing aid models will be designated as “Made for iPhone.”