A neuron in the brain stem, that processes acoustic information. Depending on the situation, the cell generates action potentials in the axon (thin process) either close to or far from the body. Photo: Felix Felmy.


Research: Nerve Cells Adapt to Acoustic Signals

Researchers in Munich have found that, depending on the input signal, neurons generate action potentials either near or far away from the cell body. This flexibility improves our ability to localize sound sources, say the scientists.

Quarterly hearing aid net unit volume for the private/commercial sector (blue bars) and the US Dept of Veterans Affairs (VA, in red bars). Yearly unit growth percentages for the entire market (private + VA) shown at top.


US Hearing Aid Sales Flat in First Quarter of 2014

US hearing aid unit sales in the first quarter of 2014 increased by less than a percentage point (0.95%) for the total market, and by one-tenth of a percent (0.12%) for the commercial (non-VA) sector compared to the same period last year, according to recently released HIA statistics.