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New Roger Focus Helps Children Pay Attention

The Roger Focus is a discreet and comfortable behind-the-ear Roger receiver for children with unilateral hearing loss, autism spectrum disorder (ASD) or auditory processing disorders.


Succeeding in the Age of the Consumer

As we consider present and future marketing tactics, we would do well to learn some important lessons from history. Let’s map the customer’s journey, look at Baby Boomers in particular, and review some points for engaging the customer of today.


What Is Your Customer Loyalty Quotient (CLQ)?

In terms of customer loyalty, hearing care professionals must find ways to eliminate saboteurs from their practice and substantially increase the number of apostles so that the latter comprise the majority of customers in a given practice. Here’s how you can do it.

State of Industry Dinner

State of the Industry Presentation, Part 1 of 5: Dispenser Survey Results Summary

Last April, just prior to the American Academy of Audiology (AAA) Convention in Orlando, The Hearing Review hosted a “State of the Industry” dinner sponsored by CareCredit that drew more than 100 distinguished audiologists and industry experts to see presentations on four important topics that are central to private practice hearing care from Karl Strom, Amyn Amlani, Brian Taylor, and Dan Quall.

Martine Hamann, PhD

UK Study Models Dysmyelination of Auditory Nerve

The research has reportedly shown for the first time the closer links between a deficit in the myelin sheath surrounding the auditory nerve and hearing loss. “This research is innovative because data modeling [simulations] was used on previous morphological data and assessed that physical changes to the myelin coat were the principal cause of the deficit,” says researcher Martine Hamann, PhD, of the University of Leicester.

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Back to Basics: You Want Me to Put My Loudspeaker WHERE?

Killion and Revit wanted to examine the repeatability of insertion gain measures as a function of angle of incidence of the loudspeaker and of the angle of elevation of the loudspeaker. In the September 2014 Back to Basics, Marshall Chasin shares his takeaways.