Williams Sound
Williams Sound says the creation of Spanish and Portuguese versions of its website confirms the company’s commitment to providing relevant technology and tools to its customers in the US and abroad.
The EarQ team is welcoming an influx of new business consultants, digital marketing experts, and logistics coordinators, among others, with the aim of building one of the strongest groups of consultants in the hearing industry.
Super Power Octane BTE
Audina's Super Power Octane BTE hearing aids with iScroll digital volume control provide an easy-to-use gliding roller for patients with limited dexterity. The Super Power Octane hearing aid is available in a 4-, 6- or 12-channel configuration.
Jay Hall, PhD
Dr James Hall joins Salus University as professor of specialty courses in tinnitus, hyperacusis, cochlear implants, and vestibular sciences and disorders. He'll help grow the College of Audiology’s distance education program and global reach.
Nasal Balloon for Otitis Media with Effusion
Auto-inflation with a nasal balloon is one of a number of effective non-drug interventions typically underrepresented in research and clinical practice of otitis media with effusion (OME).
The AMA reports that giving commercial health insurers virtually unlimited power to exert control over an issue as significant and sensitive as patient health care is bad for patients and not good for the nation’s health care system.
William F. Austin
Austin receives the special honor this year, which marks the 15th anniversary of the Starkey Hearing Foundation's So the World May Hear Awards Gala, held on Sunday, July 26, 2015 at Saint Paul RiverCentre.
CCC-A200mini audiometer
Conducting, monitoring, and reporting the results of hearing conservation tests can challenge occupational health practitioners. The Report Builder feature of the CCA-200mini Plus computer-controlled audiometer can save administrative time and effort.
CI 2015 Symposium
Cochlear implants are underutilized and provided to only 8% of US individuals who could benefit. Among other issues, this event will look at providing cochlear implants to more seniors, allowing them to remain active and healthy longer.
Website update from Healthy Hearing
New features on the relaunched Healthy Hearing website include updated videos to help consumers better understand hearing aids and the fitting process, a new story series highlighting top hearing loss resources in US cities, and five improved downloadable guides to help consumers.
Audiology Patient Choice Act
The Audiology Patient Choice Act (HR 2519) would provide better efficiency for evaluation and treatment for Medicare beneficiaries with hearing and vestibular disorders. People are urged to take steps to support the Act, and ensure that it passes.
Music training may heighten hearing, brain development
High school music education was shown to heighten a teen's sensitivity to sound details and increase the ability to learn other skills.
Salus University AuD Program graduates
Salus University's Doctor of Audiology Bridge Program has graduated 13 international students who completed the course online.
Kevin Lam
GSI names Kevin Lam new director of regulatory affairs for the company's product lines.
Special Olympics 2015
Special Olympics Healthy Hearing is one of seven disciplines within the Special Olympics Healthy Athletes program, which works to provide health services and information to millions of people in need in more than 130 countries.

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Audiologists and speech-language pathologists are designated as "specialized instructional support personnel" in revised Student Success Act to help deliver literacy services in schools.
Middle East
NMK Electronics will work on educating the market, promoting solutions, and developing brands in wireless communications to help Williams Sound in the Middle East.
HearPlus for Android
Tinnitus Calmer users can play sounds from the app library, create their own sound mixes, and add their own music. The updated HearPlus app improves Android connectivity.
More than half the participants who completed TMS sessions on 10 consecutive workdays found their tinnitus symptoms were alleviated for at least six months.
mouse cochlea
Scientists identify two signaling molecules called FGF9 and FGF20 that are factors in the inner ear's ability to regrow progenitor cells to restore hearing.