Quarterly hearing aid net unit volume for the private/commercial sector (blue bars) and the US Dept of Veterans Affairs (VA, in red bars). Yearly unit growth percentages for the entire market (private + VA) shown at top.

US Hearing Aid Sales Flat in First Quarter of 2014

US hearing aid unit sales in the first quarter of 2014 increased by less than a percentage point (0.95%) for the total market, and by one-tenth of a percent (0.12%) for the commercial (non-VA) sector compared to the same period last year, according to recently released HIA statistics.

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Fitness and Better Hearing, Part 2

Recent evidence has demonstrated that, although noise and aging play large roles in hearing loss, cardiovascular health and fitness also influence hearing acuity. Part 2 of this 2-part article looks at body composition and hearing loss, as well as other contributing factors.