Month: April 2004

News Story #1792

APRIL 2004 27, Acoustic Associates Ltd, Principles of Noise Assessment; 28-29, Refresher Seminar in Audiometry and Hearing Conservation; 28-30, Training Course in Audiometry and Hearing Conservation, Chicago. Contact: (847) 359-1068; www.acoustic

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News Story #1791

Teaching Audiology Conference University of Pittsburgh The University of Pittsburgh will host a teaching audiology conference on June 17-18, 2005. The featured topic will be “The Art and Science of Teaching Amplification.” Gus Mueller,

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News Story #1789

Feedback Cancellation System Apherma, Sunnyvale, Calif, offers the Adaptive Echo Cancellation (AEC) system, a patented feedback cancellation system to resolve the feedback and occlusion problems associated with an ITE device. AEC increases the ava

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News Story #1788

Rob Morris Vice President CareCreditHR asked Robert H. Morris, vice president of CareCredit, Anaheim, Calif, about CareCredit and the advantages of offering patient financing programs. How does CareCredit stand apart f

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News Story #1787

HIA Board Members include (l to r): Mikael Worning, Oticon; Jeff Taylor, Sonion US; HIA Vice Chairman Randy Raymond, Rayovac; Ron Meltsner, Widex; William Lankenau, Siemens Hearing Instruments; HIA Executive Director Carole Rogin; John Zei, Knowle

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News Story #1786

Phonak Races for Better Hearing American Tyler Hamilton, last year’s fourth place winner in the Tour de France, will repeat his rendezvous with this prestigious cycling event this year as a member of the Phonak Hearing Syst

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News Story #1785

A Digital World In this issue of The Hearing Review, Chester Pirzanski, BSc, and Brenda Berge, AuD, present data from the fitting of hearing instruments by experienced dispensing professionals, and examine this information in the context of how d

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