Month: June 2006

Taking the Guesswork Out of Hearing Instrument Fittings

A new visible speech system is designed to take much of the guesswork out of the fitting process. By moving from a subjective to an objective fitting approach and doing a better job of explaining the impact of hearing loss and hearing remediation, we have the potential to advance as counselors and encourage patients to take ownership of their hearing issues—and solutions.

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The HR 2006 Dispenser Survey

How is the relative health of your hearing care office/practice? This year’s survey provides a gauge for assessing your office’s activities relative to others across the United States. The HR 2006 Dispenser Survey reveals that, in 2005, binaural fitting rates and the use of directional systems rose rapidly, open-ear aids now constitute one-quarter of all BTE fittings, and the average price of hearing aids has remained relatively flat during the past year. Find out how your office compares to others in this year’s survey.

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