Month: May 2011

News Story #8403

ADVOCACY Marlee Matlin Marlee Matlin Raises $986,000 for the Starkey Hearing Foundation There are few advocates more able to raise national awareness—and funds—for a hearing loss charity than Oscar winner Marlee Matlin. She p

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News Story #8399

Bernafon Offers Chronos with ChannelFree Bernafon, Somerset, NJ, introduces Chronos, a high-performance ChannelFree™ hearing system equipped with Audio Efficiency™. ChannelFree digital signal processing assesses incoming signals

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News Story #8392

NIH Research Shows Light Can Activate Ear Cells Scientists at the University of Utah, Salt Lake City, have used invisible infrared light to make toadfish inner-ear cells send signals to the brain. The discovery may lead to improved cochlear im

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