Month: August 2011

News Story #8605

Sanofi-aventis and Audion Developing New Treatments for Hearing Loss Audion Therapeutics, Amsterdam, Netherlands, announced that it has entered into a 2-year agreement with Sanofi-aventis to develop new treatments for hearing loss through a rege

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News Story #8600

1971: Jim Curran’s article “Understanding and Using CROS Fittings and Open-canal Amplification” had many astute observations foreshadowing the future of open fittings. 40 Years Ago in August 1971. In the August Hearing Dealer, Jim Curran,

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News Story #8596

NYPD Cops with Hearing Aids File Discrimination Complaints with EEOC The New York Times is reporting that two former police officers with hearing aids have filed a discrimination complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)

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