Month: November 2011

Interactive Binaurally Balanced Fittings for Improved Audibility, Reduced Costs, and Fewer Return Visits

A computer-based, patient-driven, interactive fitting method that uses patient-adjusted, binaurally balanced intensity information is designed to increase the accuracy and benefit of fittings, reduce the time of involvement of professionals, and reduce reliance on iterative processes that require extraneous equipment, time, and expense.

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MarkeTrak VIII: The Prevalence of Tinnitus in the United States and the Self-reported Efficacy of Various Treatments

The size of the tinnitus population in the United States is nearly 30 million people—or about 10% of the entire population—and the incidence of tinnitus is as high as 26.7% for people ages 65-84 years. Data in this article also confirm that the provision of hearing aids offers substantial benefit to a significant number of people suffering from tinnitus. Evidence also suggests that this information should be more widely disseminated in the audiological and medical communities.

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