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The Final Word: To Bundle or Unbundle?

Bundle or unbundle fees for services? Dr Van Vliet argues for taking an eclectic approach. There are times that the simplicity of a bundled fee makes the most sense with certain consumers. Even with the bundled approach, calling out and “itemizing” the services included provides full disclosure of what the consumer is paying for.

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The Final Word: Taking a Lesson from Nature on the Importance of Hearing

Hearing is important, but not necessarily a priority for many of the people we see. If people have gone to the trouble to seek services from us, there is an unspoken message that hearing may be a priority for them, but they may not know it as such. Dennis Van Vliet suggests that, if we can shape our conversation with patients into a discussion of activities in their life that are important to them, it may not be necessary to force the question of how important hearing is to them.

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