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Letters: Comments on Hearing Loops

To benefit from the increasing number of properly installed loops, worldwide (one that meet IEC 60118-4), consumers need access to a vertical telecoil with a frequency response that closely matches the microphone sensitivity at equal input levels for the speech frequencies (70 dB SPL vs 100 mA/m inputs)—something called transparency.

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Effects of Hearing Loop Systems on Speech Understanding and Sound Quality of Normal-hearing Listeners and Hearing Aid Users

Despite the advantages of hearing loop systems, there has been little evidence-based research validating their benefits. This study examines whether hearing loop systems could improve speech understanding and perceived sound quality for listeners with normal hearing and hearing loss in a large area.

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Consumer Perceptions of the Impact of Inductively Looped Venues on the Utility of Their Hearing Devices

Telecoils and hearing loops deserve the attention of the hearing industry and hearing care professionals, as these simple devices dramatically increase multiple environmental listening utility (MELU). The findings of this study, presented by 9 experts in the field, clearly demonstrate hearing loop systems dramatically improve consumer experiences with their hearing aids or CIs for nearly all participants. Users reported looped venues significantly improved their speech intelligibility and the sound quality of their hearing device.

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