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Asymptotic Hearing Loss: When Is a Metaphor Just a Metaphor?

Like all healthcare fields where the clinician needs to explain complex concepts to the lay public, metaphors are used. In the optical field, “nearsighted” and “farsighted” are actually good metaphors despite their simplicity and academic inaccuracy. In the field of audiology, we have the description of the audiogram with the piano keyboard across the top; a good explanation, but limited in that it’s only the right hand side of the keyboard and musical notes are not pure-tones.

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Researchers Find New Genetic Mutations Associated with Usher Syndrome

Usher syndrome is an inherited disorder that reportedly accounts for almost half of all cases of deaf-blindness. There are three types of the disease that are differentiated based on the level of deafness (Type I - innate deafness; Type II - diminished hearing that does not worsen with time, and Type III -progressive decrease in hearing).