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Feast, Famine, and Financing: Building a Music-Focused Practice

The music business can be a feast-or-famine endeavor, with gigs waning for a variety of reasons, including the effects of the global pandemic. But regardless of their economic situation, musicians need hearing care (enhancement or protection) in good times and bad.

Notes from an Early-Deafened Musician

The typical image of a musician with hearing loss is someone like Beethoven, who lost his hearing long after spending a lifetime learning, playing, or composing aural music. What is lost in this image is the fact that there are individuals like myself, who acquire significant hearing loss shortly after birth or in early adolescence, yet fall in love with aural music during this same period in their lives.

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Composing with Hearing Loss

Composing music when you have a severe hearing loss can be a real challenge. For example, one has to listen with high acuity to the musical tracks using headphones or in-ear monitors that, by nature, make hearing aid use very difficult or impossible. Here are some insights from an accomplished composer who has devised several solutions for the creation of great music.

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Loss Plus Correction Equals Baseline

Recommendations for a “Musicians’ Package” for Hearing Aid Users: A Smartphone app that has a 5- or even 10-band equalizer to modify music output. It should also be able to enable or disable automatic controls easily, such as feedback and attenuation levels, without a visit to the audiologist.

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Sonova’s ‘Life without Limitations’ Wins Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards

Sonova has once again been recognized for an inspirational film about hearing loss—this time by the Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards. “Life without Limitations–The Story of Jason Brügger” won gold in the category “corporate image films” and silver in the category “fairs, shows, events, conference openers.” It features Brügger–a Swiss aerialist and Phonak hearing aid user–and how innovative hearing solutions enable people with hearing loss to live a life without limitations.

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