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Seven Sage Ways to Help Reluctant Patients with their Hearing Loss

Clinical expertise is essential, but audiologists and hearing aid specialists with a firm grasp of psychology are often the most convincing at convincing patients to accept a recommendation for a hearing aid. Here are seven sage ways to smooth their journey toward better hearing.

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ADHEAR Adhesive Adapter System for Conductive Hearing Loss Cleared by FDA

The FDA has cleared the MED-EL ADHEAR, an innovative non-surgical bone conduction solution for conductive hearing loss. Described as the “next generation of non-surgical bone conduction hearing technology,” it consists of a patented adhesive adapter that is placed onto the skin behind the ear and is worn for 3 to 7 days at a time. The lightweight audio processor is simply clicked on and off the adapter each day.

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Using autoREMfit for Hearing Aid Fitting and Verification: Evidence of Accuracy and Reliability

This clinical study by John Pumford, AuD, and Gus Mueller, PhD, examines the new autoREMfit application of Audioscan VerifitLINK as integrated into Signia Connexx hearing aid fitting software. The results reveal good fit-to-target accuracy (RMSE ~2 dB; 65 dB SPL input) for two different audiograms and coupling systems. Test-retest reliability was excellent with values no greater than 1 dB at any frequency. Clinical benefits of this autoREMfit collaboration are discussed.