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Cognivue Holds National Symposium on Cognitive Health

A national sympositum, “Connecting the Dots: Building Partnerships to Improve Cognitive Health,” attracted respected voices in medicine, science, and audiology to address what they deem an urgent need for transformation in healthcare.

Efficacy of Directional Microphones in Open Fittings Under Realistic Signal-to-Noise Ratios Using Widex MOMENT Hearing Aids

PureSound with ZeroDelay technology has been designed to shorten hearing aid processing delays to less than 0.5 ms across frequencies and therefore greatly enhance the sound quality, particularly for large-vent or open fittings—fittings that can reduce the effectiveness of directional microphones. This study shows the PureSound program on the MOMENT hearing aid is as effective as the premium products of two other manufacturers for managing speech understanding in noise at realistic SNRs.

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