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Using autoREMfit for Hearing Aid Fitting and Verification: Evidence of Accuracy and Reliability

This clinical study by John Pumford, AuD, and Gus Mueller, PhD, examines the new autoREMfit application of Audioscan VerifitLINK as integrated into Signia Connexx hearing aid fitting software. The results reveal good fit-to-target accuracy (RMSE ~2 dB; 65 dB SPL input) for two different audiograms and coupling systems. Test-retest reliability was excellent with values no greater than 1 dB at any frequency. Clinical benefits of this autoREMfit collaboration are discussed.

Patient Fittings


Blog: Gleanings from Bose Leaders about the Bose Hearing Aid

In a conversation with Bose Hearing leaders this week, it became clear that Bose would be borrowing some aspects of their Hearphone technology but not using it as the Bose Hearing Aid. The company views the de novo application as being primarily focused on direct-to-consumer (DTC) distribution, although they do have an interest in the professional channel, and the product is still some ways from becoming available to consumers.

ADA Provides Guidelines for Telehealth Procedures

The Academy of Doctors of Audiology (ADA) has published guidelines for telehealth procedures that can be provided with existing technologies—such as hearing aid checks and examinations—as well as those that will require special equipment or technology, like pure-tone audiometry and diagnostic analysis of cochlear implants.

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