‘Guide to Your Child’s Hearing’
According to The Better Hearing Institute (BHI), Alexandria, Va, hearing loss in more than 1 million children in the United States still goes undetected or untreated. This can cause more than academic problems—it can also lead to low-self esteem, attention deficit, and difficulties understanding speech.

 To help meet this challenge, BHI is making available a free “Guide to Your Child’s Hearing.” The guide, written by Dr Judith Gravel, director of the Center for Childhood Communication at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, shows parents how to recognize the signs of normal hearing at different developmental stages, how to detect signs of hearing problems, and the many treatment options available.

“If a child in grade school can’t hear certain consonants correctly, it might not even be noticed by the parents or teachers,” says Gravel “But that child is likely to have problems in academic areas. And early in life, even mild hearing loss may cause speech and language delay.”

To download the guide, visit   For more information, contact (800) EAR-WELL. w


Since 1994, Resistance Technology Inc, Adren Hills, Minn, has been a subsidiary of Selas Corporation of America. When Mark Gorder became president/CEO of Selas in 2001, he had a strategic plan of transitioning Selas into a core business based on precision miniature medical and electronic products. The transition period is complete and the organization has a new name: IntriCon.

“We selected the name IntriCon because it captures our vision of connecting people to people and the devices around them,” Gorder said. “‘Intri,’ for intricate, conveys the complexity of the work we do every day for our customers on a miniature and micro-miniature scale. ‘Con,’ for connect, represents our ability to bring people and devices together for progress.”

For more information, contact (651) 636-9770;


 Adult Aural Rehabilitation
Med-El Corporation, Durham, NC, distributes the Adult Aural Rehabilitation Program—a set of four manuals—designed by Geoff Plant. Each manual has a speaker and a user binder. The first in the series, AUDITRAIN, is a program designed to help adult CI users improve their communication skills. It features 22 lesson plans that have both synthetic and analytic exercises. The remaining manuals include Hear at Home, SPEECHTRAX, and SYNTRAIN. For more information, contact (888) 633-3524;

Low Financing

CareCredit, Costa Mesa, Calif, announces a 9.9% patient interest rate on all 24, 36, and 48 month extended payment plans. The new rate was designed to give patients the most complete financing solution to allow them to take advantage of hearing technology. For more information, contact (800) 300-3046 ext 4519; [email protected].


Scott Haug Hill Country Audiology Retreat
The 21st Annual Scott Haug Hill Country Audiology Retreat will be held October 6-9, 2005, in Kerrville, Tex. The educational program will feature lectures from James Hall III, PhD: Best Practices and Innovations in Clinical Audiology Today, and Update on Tinnitus Assessment; Michael Valente, PhD: Protocols to Select, Validate, and Verify Hearing Aid Performance; Anne Marie Tharpe, PhD: Pediatric Audiology; and Manuel Don, PhD: Advanced ABR Measures. The event will be held at The Inn of the Hills. For more information, contact


Audiology Foundation of America
The Audiology Foundation of America (AFA), Lafayette, Ind, has received a $10,000 donation from GN ReSound, Bloomington, Minn, to support its mission to transition audiology to a health care profession with the AuD as its first professional degree. The donation will provide funding for scholarships. For more information, contact (765) 743-6283.


AG Bell
The Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Washington, DC, has awarded $113,500 in college scholarships for the 2005-06 school year to 80 deaf or hard of hearing students who use spoken language to communicate. The students represent 31 states and two Canadian provinces, and are pursuing a range of study fields including engineering, architecture, veterinary medicine, and film.

The AG Bell College Scholarship Program offers scholarships ranging from $500 to $2,000 for students identified with moderate to profound hearing loss since birth or before acquiring language. For more information, contact (202) 337-5220;

Vivosonic and AFA
Rebecca Braun was awarded a $1,000 scholarship toward her AuD at the University of Florida by the Audiology Foundation of America, Lafayette, Ind, and Vivosonic, Toronto. Braun is an audiologist in Omaha, Neb, and is a 2003 graduate of the University of Nebraska, Lincoln.

Vivosonic is offering AuD students and recent graduates a special deal to receive a laptop computer if they purchase Vivosonic’s “Integrity” system before the end of 2005. For more information, contact  


Management of the Tinnitus Patient
The 13th Annual Conference on Management of the Tinnitus Patient will be held September 22-24, 2005, Iowa City, Iowa. This conference is intended for otologists, audiologists, psychologists, and nurses who provide clinical management services for patients with tinnitus. For more information, contact (800) 551-9029;