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Tinnitus Therapy


Tinnitus App Diapason Offers 200 Free Subscriptions

While tinnitus has no known cure, one science-based app, Diapason, can help offer relief to some of the 50 million people suffering in the US. Beginning on World Hearing Day, March 3, Diapason announced that it will offer $25,000 worth of free subscriptions during March.

Tinnitus, CBT, iCBT, and Tinnitus Management: An Interview with Grant Searchfield, PhD

Douglas Beck, AuD, interviews Dr Searchfield who is one of the world’s leading experts on the cognitive processes involved in tinnitus perception and innovative technology for the management of hearing loss and tinnitus. Topics include the possible origins of tinnitus, tools for helping patients, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), internet-based CBT, and more.

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