The following information represents updates and corrections to the 2002 HR Worldwide Registry published in July. Please copy and place this page in your Registry for reference.

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International Listings

Starkey Brazil, Ltda

Rua Manoel Fransisco Mendes No 347
CEP 13030-280 Jardim do Trevo
Campinas, Brazil
Business Phone 1: 55-19-327-30023
Business Phone 2: 800-772-0654,
Fax: 55-193-273-0043
Managing Director: Simon McMillan

Starkey Colombia, Ltda

Calle 94, No 14-11 Santa Fe
Bogota, Colombia
Phone: 57-1-623-2425, Fax: 57-1-236-8808
Managing Director: Catalina Parra

HPI Denmark

PO Box 25, 3450 Alleroed, Denmark
Phone: 45-4814-1385
Web site:
email: [email protected]
Contact: J Chris Rohde

Hearing Products International Ltd

Echo House, 26 Haigh Park
Haigh Avenue, Stockport, SK4 1QR, England
Phone: 44-161-480-8003; Fax: 44-161-480-8006
Web site:
email: [email protected]
Contact: J Chris Rohde

Starkey Turkey—Golden Star Ltd

Halaskargazi Cad Teyyareci M Alibey Sk
Papatya Apt No 1/2 80260 Sisli Istanbul, Turkey
Phone:90 212 230 4532; 90 212 232 1755;
90 212 232 3287; Fax: 90 212 230 4502
Managing Director: Emin Ornek

Business Listings

All American Mold Laboratories Inc
PO Box 25751, Oklahoma City, OK 73125
(800) 654-3245; Fax: (800) 528-7081
Vice President: Kerri Betterton

Auricle Ink Publishers
PO Box 20607, Sedona, AZ 86341
(928) 284-0860; Fax: (928) 284-2370
Web site:
email: [email protected]
Publisher: Richard Carmen, AuD

Beltone Electronics Corp
4201 W Victoria St
Chicago, IL 60646
(800) 621-1275; (773) 583-3600;
Fax: (773) 583-1955
Web site:
CFO: William Austin
Executive VP, GN Resound; President, GN Resound Group North America: Alan Dozier
President, Beltone USA: James Curran
Senior VP Sales: Ed Braun
Senior VP Manufacturing: Michael Mann
VP Marketing: Barb VanSomeren
VP Product Management: Steve Hannibal
VP and GM, Alternate Distribution Initiatives: Randi Binstock
VP Business Development: Craig VanDeVelde
VP Finance: Cindy Kaempfer
Director Product Marketing: John Cariola
PRODUCTS/SERVICES: Complete custom and conventional hearing aid line, digital hearing instruments, hearing aid accessories, hearing aid batteries, hearing aid fitting software, impression materials, education materials, hearing aid insurance, publications, marketing and sales materials, training manuals, and video tapes.

49 Topsham Fair Mall Rd
Topsham, ME 04086
(207) 798-4848, Fax: (207) 798-4747
Web site:
email: [email protected]
President: James Morrell
CEO: Robert Kidd
Director of Audiology and Product Design: Anna McNease
Director of Marketing: Jeannie Parker
Director of Manufacturing: Donna Maynard
PRODUCTS/SERVICES: EarCraft designs, manufactures, and markets instant-fit, instant configurable, and affordable hearing aids. EarCraft also operates a comprehensive hearing clinic in Maine.

Sonotone Corp
(800) 776-0222

Starkey Laboratories Inc
6700 Washington Ave S, Eden Prairie, MN 55344
(952) 941-6401; (800) 328-8602; Fax: (952) 828-9262
Web site:
email: [email protected]
CEO: William Austin
President: Jerome Ruzicka
Senior VP Finance: Scott Nelson
VP Operations: Keith Guggenberger
VP European Operations: Michael Nolan
VP Engineering: Tom Victorian
VP Human Resources: Larry Miller
VP Manufacturing: Jim Guthier
Dir Customer Service: Gary Anderson
PRODUCTS/SERVICES: Axent, Sequel Digital, Endeavour Digital


Beltone Electronics Corp – Beltone AVE.™, Beltone Digital, Lumina, Polara, Silica, CSPII-P, Invisa, Opera Plus, Petite Plus, BelCare, Prima 2000, Oria™

Hatis – Hatis Corp

Siemens Hearing Solutions – Triano; Signia Select; Prisma; Music Digital; Music; Infiniti 3; Phoenix; Phoenix Pro; Sereniti; Click Hear; LasR; TwinMic; TriMic; Silhouette; Silhouette Plus; Speech Comfort System; [email protected]; SqueezeEase; Practice Navigator; Unity; Connexx.

Widex – “Hearing Aid with a Brain”