AVANT REM Speech+ Offers New Design Features

MedRx Inc, Largo, Fla, offers a new ergonomic Real Ear and Live Speech Mapping system. The AVANT REM Speech+ includes an improved housing design. New features include the Sure Probe microphone system with lighted visual cues and an adjustable loop design that will fit any ear, ensuring the probe tube will always be correctly placed in the ear canal. Also new is a selectable dual probe measurement option that allows the user to do live speech mapping on both ears simultaneously. This new device weighs less than a half pound, connects to a USB port, and is NOAH System 3, Sycle.net, and TIMS compatible.

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Innovative Patient Consultation Software Launched

Eyemaginations Inc, Towson, Md, a leading provider of patient education and productivity solutions for the health care industry, is set to unveil an all new software system for otolaryngology professionals. Designed to fit seamlessly into a practice’s existing workflow, Eyemaginations Office—ENT helps streamline and enhance the patient consultation process by taking on the burden of time-consuming and repetitive procedural education. Eyemaginations Office can be implemented in the exam room, waiting room, and dedicated consultation and audiology rooms, depending on the size and layout of the practice. Driven by 3D animated visuals and easy-to-understand descriptions of diagnoses, treatments, and procedures, Eyemaginations Office helps patients leave the practice confident in their diagnosis and armed with the knowledge they need to ensure a successful course of treatment.

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Super Sonic

Celebrating its 10-year anniversary, Sonic Innovations Inc, Salt Lake City, recently debuted its Velocity miniBTE, one of the smallest fully featured BTEs available. Using a size 13 battery, the Velocity miniBTE has a memory switch with access to up to four listening programs; it’s convertible between thin tube and earhook fittings, and has digital volume control, an audio input, and a tamper-resistant lock.

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Beltone Reach Features New Tinnitus Breaker

Responding to the need of individuals with tinnitus, Beltone, Glenview, Ill, has developed a specific tool to help manage the perception of the unwanted sounds. The Tinnitus Breaker—featured in the Beltone Reach hearing instrument—produces low-volume white noise comprised of mixed frequencies that, when combined with counseling, is designed to make the distressing tinnitus sound less noticeable. As the brain adjusts to this new way of perceiving sounds, the emotional importance associated with the tinnitus is reduced.

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Financial Management Made Easier

CareCredit, Costa Mesa, Calif, a leading patient payment program, has integrated new advanced reporting options on www.carecredit.com—making it even easier for enrolled practices to manage the financial portion of their business and motivate more patients to accept recommended hearing aid technology. The options also make managing the business side of CareCredit simple by allowing practices to access statements online and review their merchant activity for current or past months.

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VivaPower to the People

Vivatone has released its new VivaPower hearing instrument, promising that everyone can enjoy the cosmetic appeal and acoustic benefits of its patented totally open canal (TOC), RITE technology, even those with severe and profound losses. VivaPower combines sophisticated digital signal processing with a custom molded power receiver to create the optimal solution for those seeking both performance and cosmetics in a power device. VivaPower is compatible with all Entré Plus models.

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Middle Ear Analyzer Steps Up

From Interacoustics, Assens, Denmark, comes the latest upgrades to the popular AT235h Middle Ear Analyzer. Four probe frequencies (226, 678, 800, and 1,000 Hz) give scope for multiple frequency tympanometry supported by a full test battery of acoustic reflex measures and ipsi- and contralateral reflex decay. The two probes (clinical and screening) are easy to change and are recognized automatically with calibration values adjusted accordingly. Two programmable reflex test sequences are available. A new manual pump function allows you to override automatic features, giving you control over pressure changes during tympanometry, and there are now two tests of eustachian tube function, one for perforated and one for intact eardrums. The AT235h also includes manual and automatic air conduction audiometry. Results are output from the built-in thermal printer or sent to a computer via the newly added USB port.

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Bell Hearing Introduces Digital BTE

In addition to its popular custom product line of instruments, Bell Hearing Instruments Inc, Oldsmar, Fla, has introduced a nonprogrammable, 100% digital behind-the-ear instrument. The new BP61 instrument has two trimmers for convenient adjustability, fits mild to moderate hearing losses, and utilizes a small size 13 case.

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RingSTOP Remedy

Ear Inc, Boulder, Colo, offers RingSTOP, an all-natural product for people with tinnitus. The product is a homeopathic formula available in capsule form containing amino acids, herbal extracts, antioxidants, and vitamins that have been reported to reduce the symptoms of tinnitus.

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Otoscope Looks at Bigger Picture

Bob Kemp at Oaktree Products, St Louis, says that there have been exciting advances in otoscopes over the last couple of years. “The most notable of these is the Welch Allyn Macroview, which provides twice the field of view and 30% more magnification than traditional otoscopes,” he says. “This otoscope allows the user to focus the image which sure helps out Baby Boomer eyes!” Kemp also notes that the digital version of this scope connects via USB to a laptop or PC. “This very affordable item allows you to freeze, magnify, save, print, or e-mail the image. Plus it has the same wide-angle view and focus ability of the regular Macroview.

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Hearing Aid Sweat Band

The Hearing Aid Sweat Band from Van B Enterprises, West Valley, NY, continues to provide BTE devices the ultimate in protection from moisture, dirt, and dust. New for 2008, protect your BTE with stylish new colors. Now available are 17 colors in all sizes, including the new slim series allowing wearers to match the colors of a sports team, personality, or season. The natural colors that have been available for years still are. All offer the same great protection.

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Formulated for Protection

Clearly Heard Inc, Glendale, Calif, has introduced a new supplement, which has been specially formulated to supply the cells of the ear with many of the nutrients that have been shown to benefit individuals in the fight against hearing loss. Many patients have concerns over the continued loss of their hearing, and the Hear Protect formula has been developed with these people in mind: Co-Q10 is a powerful antioxidant to fight off the free radical destruction that occurs as we age; and L-carnitine and alpha lipoic acid help protect cells from premature aging and promote circulation to the cells throughout the body, including the ear. These supplements are designed to increase the potential for healthier hearing. Health care professional discounts and affiliate programs are available.

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Breakthrough Technology

InSound Medical, Newark, Calif, presents breakthrough hearing aid technology in the form of its Lyric Hearing device, which is the first 100% invisible extended-wear solution that was developed by ENT physicians and audiologists to be used 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for months at a time. Lyric is positioned completely inside the ear canal so it uses the ear’s anatomy to provide natural sound quality. Lyric is considered appropriate for people with mild to moderately severe hearing loss. A patient’s ear size and shape, medical conditions, and lifestyle are also taken into consideration.

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Zounds Has Got the Power

Zounds Hearing, Mesa, Ariz, has announced the availability of its Z1 Power BTE hearing aid. The Zounds Power BTE is designed and manufactured specifically for those individuals suffering from severe to profound hearing loss. With the release of the Power BTE, Zounds’ line of hearing aids offers solutions for all individuals with treatable hearing loss. The Z1 Power BTE is discreet compared to other power models and also offers the following technological and performance features found in all Zounds aids: amplification capabilities for severe and profound hearing loss; patented noise cancellation technology eliminates up to 90% of background noise.

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In-Ear Sound Level Analyzer

Sensaphonics Hearing Conservation Inc, Chicago, has introduced the dB Check in-ear sound level analyzer, the first device capable of accurately measuring sound pressure levels (SPL) with the earphones inserted. Designed to work with Sensaphonics custom earphones, the dB Check is a handheld unit that measures and displays the actual A-weighted SPL and, more importantly, the recommended safe exposure time for that level on both the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) scales.

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Hospital-Tested Portable Vacuum

Hearing Technologies, Pinellas Park, Fla, introduces the Pro-Power Vacuum-Aspirator. Designed for hospital use as an aspirator, it is shown set up as a hearing aid vacuum. Features include: adjustable suction control, cleaning tools (included to help remove wax or debris), blunt tip needles, and cone-shaped suction tips to clear the receiver and microphone ports. Placing the hearing aid on the standard suction tube will complete the cleaning by combining suction and vibration. Available in 110V and 230V.

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Oaktree Stocks Ear Gear

Oaktree Products Inc, St Louis, now carries the entire line of Ear Gear. Ear Gear is a water-resistant double-wall nylon sleeve that protects hearing instruments from loss, rain, sweat, dust, and dirt. Developed by the parent of a special needs child who was constantly misplacing valuable digital hearing instruments. All models of Ear Gear are available in both corded and cordless models.

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Small Audiometer, Big Features

Otovation LLC, King of Prussia, Pa, has announced the release of OTOPod, a wireless diagnostic audiometer whose small size makes it ideal for testing in the office or in a patient setting. Utilizing Bluetooth connectivity, the OTOPod can be used with a variety of transducers and wirelessly connects with a computer running Otovation’s new Symphony software. Features includes manual and automated air and bone conduction testing, and speech testing with prerecorded wordlists.

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Digital Series Product Line Expands

Electronic Shooters Protection, Brighton, Colo, has announced the addition of the Series 3 to its digital series of custom electronic hearing protection. The Series 3 includes several preset tone modes selectable for optimum quality in different sound environments. Volume can also be controlled manually. Several new color choices include safety orange, field green, and black, in addition to tan. Unlike muffs and earplugs, they allow normal hearing and conversation, and advanced shutoff compression circuitry instantly activates at any noise of 90 dB or greater.

(800) 767-7791

Improved Audiometer Is NOAH and TIMS Compatible

MedRx Inc, Largo, Fla, has unveiled the new AVANT A2D+ diagnostic audiometer featuring an advanced ergonomic design that is available in black or white. The AVANT A2D+ is a two-channel, air, bone, and speech audiometer with a new integrated Quick SIN testing feature. This system offers an intuitive user interface for data collection, patient monitoring, and counseling. The PC-based audiometer comes standard with insert ear phones and custom carrying case, and weighs less than a half pound. The AVANT A2D+ is NOAH System3 and TIMS compatible.

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TV Ears Loop System

Westone Laboratories, Colorado Springs, Colo, now offers the latest addition to the TV Ears line. Hearing instrument wearers can now enjoy all the benefits of TV Ears without removing their instruments. TV Ears cuts down television background noise and amplifies the dialogue for better clarity and enjoyment. The TV Ears 2.3 Loop System allows users to receive the refined television audio through their hearing instrument’s manual T-coil. Users can adjust their own volume and tone without turning up the TV and disturbing others. The TV Ears TV Loop is compatible only with the TV Ears 2.3 MHz system.

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Low-Profile Hearing Protection

The Sonic Defender EP3 passive hearing protection from EarPro by Surefire, Fountain Valley, Calif, is designed to reduce potentially damaging noises without interfering with a wearer’s ability to hear routine sounds and conversation. The Sonic Defender matches a variable-sized EarPro earpiece, made from flexible material and shaped like the concha of the ear, with a Hocks Noise Braker filter, and its low profile design allows them to be worn while wearing masks, helmets, or hats or while using phones, headphones, or supplemental hearing muffs.

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Hearing Health Care Suppliers

All Audiology Inc, Ingleside, Ontario, Canada, supplies and distributes a wide variety of audiometric products and sound control applications across North America. Audiometric screening booths, clinical rooms (single and double wall) and suites, industrial and clinical audiometers, as well as the most comprehensive calibration and analysis of audiometers are just a few of the products and services provided.

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Tube Riders Available Through Oaktree

Oaktree Products, St Louis, is now offering Tube Riders “styles for the ears” that allow wearers to personalize virtually any hearing instrument or cochlear implant with a decorative Tube Rider of their choice. No special tools are required; a ring mounted on the back of the Tube Rider simply slips over the ear piece tube. Packaged in pairs.

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New Portable Hearing Aid Vacuum

Hearing Technologies, Pinellas Park, Fla, introduces the Super Power-Vac a desktop portable hearing aid vacuum with powerful 26 in Hg of suction. Features include adjustable suction control. Blunt tip needles, cone-shaped suction tips, and cleaning tools are included to clear the receiver and microphone ports. Placing the hearing aid on the standard suction tube will complete the cleaning by combining suction and vibration. Available in 110V and 230V.

(800) 553-6003

Hearing Protection for Small Ear Canals

Etymotic Research, Elk Grove Village, Ill, offers a second size of high-fidelity hearing protection for children and adults with small ear canals. The earplugs, called BabyBlues, have the same flat 20-dB sound reduction as Etymotic’s standard ETYPlugs HI-FI earplugs. All earplugs from Etymotic are flat attenuation to protect hearing and reduce noise fatigue while keeping music and voices clear, and can be used for playing and listening to music, attending concerts, and traveling.

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Hearing Instrument Dryer

Westone Laboratories, Colorado Springs, Colo, now offers the latest hearing instrument maintenance device from the makers of Dry & Store. Zephyr is compact and easy-to-use, making it perfect for travel. Utilizing the same principles as clothes drying on a line, Zephyr gently circulates warm, dry air around the hearing instrument. The specially formulated Dry-Brik® desiccant then captures the moisture. Used daily, Zephyr removes damaging moisture, dries earwax, and removes odor. The result is hearing instruments that sound better, last longer, and need fewer repairs.

(800) 525-5071

Thin-Tube/Open-Ear Fittings

Mid-States Laboratories, Wichita, Kan, offers a variety of thin-tube/open-ear fittings. Choose from a selection of styles to custom fit each client’s hearing needs. When possible, Mid-States prefers to use its Apollo or Marveltex/vinyl materials, which allow for friction fit, an advantage when considering the need to retube.

(800) 247-3669

Long-Running Battery

iCellTech Corp, Seoul, Korea, introduces its 10DS batteries with 105-mAh capacity. Strong stainless steel housing cuts bulging and is guaranteed to be rust-free under any weather conditions. Nickel plating promotes better conduction, and high technology provides extra running time.

Fax: 011-82-2-6735-6965

Instant Hearing Protection

Warner Tech-care Products, Roseville, Minn, introduces its new Ear-guard Instant Hearing Protection, which protects hearing while working or playing in loud environments. Ear-guard is ideal for factory workers, hunters, law-enforcement officers, motorcyclists, musicians, and homeowners wanting to protect their hearing while using loud equipment. Gun-dispensed Ear-guard silicone is speedy, sanitary, and durable. No hand mixing is needed. This custom hearing protection can be modified, vented, and lacquer coated all in less than an hour. Ear-guard is highly thixotropic and easy flowing, and has a 40-shore value. Ear-guard products are sold in a convenient starter kit with seven colors. The new Warner Tech-care catalog is now available.

(800) 328-4757

Ear Gear on the Move

Due to strong and increasing demand for Ear Gear, the British Columbia-based company has announced it is moving its manufacturing operations to Taiwan. In partnership with Audio Resource Group, a North Dakota-based engineering and sourcing company at work in the professional audio market, and Kidtek Manufacturing of Taiwan, Ear Gear reports now having the capacity to meet the needs of its distributors in the United States, Canada, Japan, the United Kingdom, and Australia. Ear Gear, founded in 2005, manufactures a spandex sleeve, hearing instrument security and protection device. The Ear Gear line is comprised of six different models and eight fashion colors, from mini-sized Ear Gear to cochlear models.

(888) 766-1838

New Generation of Video Otoscopy

GN Otometrics, Schaumburg, Ill, has recently launched the Aurical OTOcam 300—a new generation of video otoscopy, offering hearing care professionals the latest in advanced video technology and data management. The Aurical OTOcam 300 is a lightweight and portable professional tool providing an easy and effective support for diagnostics as well as counseling, training, and documentation. This new video otoscope is a fully integrated device that combines a powerful light source with advanced software for displaying crisp, full-color video and images on a standard laptop or desktop computer or even a large screen.

(800) 289-2150

Siemens Offers New Link

Siemens, Piscataway, NJ, offers Tek, a wireless accessory that allows connection of the company’s Pure hearing aids to Bluetooth-equipped devices such as cell phones, personal audio devices, TV, PCs, and more. Designed to meet the needs of today’s interactive hearing instrument wearer, Tek speaks the same language as other high-tech instruments.

(800) 766-4500

Natural Ear Treatment

MiraCell Inc, Orem, Utah, offers MiraCell natural ear treatment, which eases cerumen removal, makes wearing hearing aids and earmolds more comfortable, and relieves sore, dry, flaking, or itching ears caused by detaching keratin and tympanic membrane plaque. MiraCell Inc offers an income-making opportunity that will reduce returns and remakes.

(800) 748-5040

An Oasis of Relief

Neuromonics’ noninvasive, FDA-cleared Oasis device is customized to the patient’s unique hearing and tinnitus profile. It delivers a customized stimulus that promotes neural changes, allowing the brain to filter out the disturbing tinnitus sound. This stimulus is delivered within spectrally modified, customized music, which engages the brain’s emotional response center and the limbic system, and thereby reduces tinnitus-related disturbance.

(866) 606-3876

Moisture Guard

Raycare Solutions, Lincoln, Neb, introduces The Deflector hearing instrument moisture guard. Enjoy all of life’s activities without the fear of moisture damaging a behind-the-ear (BTE) investment. The wearer of a BTE instrument can be involved in everything from strenuous activity to a walk in the rain. The simple, lightweight, clear plastic design deflects moisture away from the hearing instrument. The on-and-off application allows clients to use The Deflector when moisture occurs and remove it when not needed. It also helps in dusty situations, because dirt is not attracted to dry areas.

(877) 518-1171

New Handheld Speech Recognition Device Available

Speak N Read Inc, Tampa, Fla, has announced the release of a handheld portable computer that allows the hard-of-hearing and late-deafened to communicate without the use of sign language or lip reading. The Speak N Read device uses advanced speech-recognition software to convert spoken word into text on the display screen.

(877) 565-0156

Implant Power Batteries

ZeniPower, Zhuhai, China, presents a new generation of Implant Power batteries, with 30%-plus improvements that can power cochlear BTE speech processors for 3 to 6 days. According to the company, comparison tests show a longer life than other brands at 30 mA discharge. The strictly controlled manufacturing process guarantees high reliability and consistency. Free samples are available.

(814) 825-8398

Power to Spare

Rayovac, Madison, Wis, has announced the launch of its Extreme Performance, a new, more powerful battery range for next-generation hearing instruments with wireless functionality. This latest product innovation offers a solution to the special requirements of new, high-drain hearing devices, which include wireless connectivity. Extreme Performance meets the extra power demands of these aids by delivering increased milliwatt power without compromising other areas of performance.

(800) 323-1993

Comfort Audio’s Contego HD

The Comfort Contego HD from Comfort Audio, Park Ridge, Ill, is a unique, high-definition wireless communication system designed to improve and enhance the quality of sound. Unlike other wireless systems, the Comfort Contego’s digital radio system provides high-quality sound over 38 secure coded channels and can be used with or without hearing aids as well as with TV audio systems. Both the transmitter and receiver have user-adjustable microphones for maximum customization of sound. The microphones can be set for omni-directional or directional based on conditions, and volume level can be remotely adjusted.

(847) 656-5450

Unique Mail Pieces Available

Chicago Advertising & Marketing (CAM), Yorkville, Ill, now has available two distinct and specialized mail pieces titled “Daisy Mailer” and “Lunch & Learn” that can be customized and used to reach out to your patients. These response-triggering mailers are available for review on CAM’s Web site.

(800) 778-9300

Solace Free Choice

Amplisound Hearing Products & Services, Danielson, Conn, offers Solace Free Choice for tinnitus sufferers. This small receiver-in-the-canal BTE includes a four-channel directional digital hearing aid. There is a digital-programmable sound generator, and music input for Bluetooth or direct-wired neckloop. The wearer can select from any array of combinations or independent use of its features. A large volume control wheel makes for accurate sound generator level adjustment.

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