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Developing Alternatives to Noise-Canceling Headphones at the University of Illinois

The main idea behind this research involves combining wireless IoT networks with noise cancellation. A microphone is placed in the environment that senses sounds and sends them over wireless signals to an earpiece. Since wireless signals travel a million times faster than sound, the earphone can receive the sound information much faster than the actual sound itself.

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November Is American Diabetes Month

For American Diabetes Month and World Diabetes Day on November 14, BHI is raising awareness of the link between diabetes and hearing loss, and urging healthcare professionals and people with diabetes to include hearing tests as part of an annual care regimen. To help spread the word, BHI has created a press release that can be adapted and shared by hearing care practitioners.

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NASCAR Champion Jeff Gordon Joins Listen Carefully Campaign

Starkey Hearing Foundation announced that NASCAR champion Jeff Gordon and Listen Carefully are partnering to promote healthy hearing and raise awareness about noise-induced hearing loss. Gordon reports in the announcement that his work space is usually made up of loud engines and tens-of-thousands of screaming fans, and he must take extra care to protect his hearing.

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