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Infection control


‘Unmasking’ Benefits for Hearing Aid Users in Challenging Listening Environments

During the COVID-19 pandemic, health and government officials are encouraging or even mandating community-wide face mask wearing to reduce potential pre-symptomatic or asymptomatic transmission of the virus to others. This practice, in combination with social distancing (ie, keeping >6 feet apart), has helped decrease spread of the virus, but it has also provided a barrier to clear, empathetic communication, particularly for those with hearing loss.

Future Ear Podcast: Life for Audiologists & Private Practice Owners from March-June 2020

A new “Future Ear” podcast by Dave Kemp of Oaktree Products features great ideas and perspectives from six audiologists in different parts of the United States. The podcast highlights the uniqueness of some of the individual work situations and regions, and includes several excellent tips about how to adapt a practice in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic and recovery.

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