9-12, 46th Annual ISHA Convention, Illinois Speech-Language-Hearing Association, Rosemont, Ill. Contact: (312) 644-0828; www.ishail.org.

10, Auditory Brain Development: The Key to Language and Literacy for All Children, Cook Children’s Medical Center Rehabilitation Services Department, Fort Worth, Tex. Contact: (682) 885-7462; www.cookchildrens.org.

11, Acoustic Accessibility: Facilitating Classroom Listening for All Children, Cook Children’s Medical Center Rehabilitation Services Department, Fort Worth, Tex. Contact: (682) 885-7462; www.cookchildrens.org.

15-18, American Hearing Aid Associates 10th Annual Convention, Orlando, Fla. Contact: Gayle Silvestri at (800) 984-3272.

16-18, National Hearing Conservation Association, 31st Annual Conference, Tampa, Fla. Contact: www.hearingconservation.org.

16-18, Cochlear Celebration, Cochlear Americas, Orlando, Fla. Contact: www.cochlearamericas.com/celebration.

22-25, 2006 Kentucky Convention on Communication Disorders, Kentucky Speech-Language-Hearing Association, Louisville, Ky. Contact: (800) 837-2446; www.kysha.org.

5-7, American Auditory Society, 8th Annual Scientific and Technology Meeting, Scottsdale, Ariz. Contact: [email protected]; (435) 574-0062.

13-18, Michigan Speech-Language-Hearing Association 2006 Annual Conference, Kalamazoo, Mich. Contact: (517) 332-5691; www.michiganspeechhearing.org.

16-18, Amplification: Looking Beyond the Present, Kansas Hearing Society Inc Educational Seminar, Wichita, Kan. Contact: M. Day Kaufmann (785) 266-4833; [email protected].

24-25, The Maryland Speech-Language-Hearing Association Annual Convention, Frederick, Md. Contact: (410) 239-7770; www.mdslha.org.

31-April 2, Missouri Speech-Language-Hearing Association Annual Convention, Osage Beach, Mo. Contact: (888) SAY-MSHA; www.showmemsha.org.

1-2, Health Care 2006, American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, Nashville, Tenn. Contact: www.asha.org.

5-8, American Academy of Audiology Annual Convention, AudiologyNOW!, Minneapolis. www.audiology.org.

9-12, Unmasked: Revealing Realities and Relationships, New Zealand Speech-Language Therapists’ Association Biennial Conference, Christchurch, New Zealand. Contact: +64 3 379 0390

21, Vestibular Evoked Myogenic Potentials (VEMP): A Hands-On Workshop, Mountain Home, Tenn. Contact: Joanna Tampas at [email protected]; (423) 9226-1171.

27-29, 46th Annual Convention: Building on the Past to Meet the Challenges of Tomorrow, New York State Speech-Language-Hearing Association Inc, Saratoga, NY. Contact: www.nysslha.org.

28-29, 2006 Spring Convention, The Minnesota Speech-Language-Hearing Association, Brainerd, Minn. Contact: www.msha.net.

4, Anniversary Benefit Gala, House Ear Institute, Los Angeles. Contact: (213) 353-7027.

5-6, 2006 ArSHA Convention, Arizona Speech Language Hearing Association, Tucson, Ariz. Contact: (800) 705-7510; www.arsha.org.

20-23, Audio Engineering Society, 120th Annual Convention, Paris. Contact: www.aes.org.

24-25, Nebraska Hearing Society Meeting, Lincoln, Neb. Contact: Marliese Mohlman, (402) 463-2431.

25-28, 2006 Convention, Florida Association of Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists, Orlando, Fla. Contact: (800) 243-3574; www.flasha.org

31-June 3, NHS 2006—Beyond Newborn Hearing Screening: Infant and Childhood Hearing in Science and Clinical Practice, Cernobbio, Italy. Contact: www.nhs2006.polimi.it