2-5, 5th International Symposium on Meniere’s Disease and Inner Ear Homeostasis and Disorders, Universal City, Calif. Contact: [email protected]

7, Deafness Research Foundation, 46th Annual Celebration of Hearing Health Gala, Bridgewaters, NY. Contact: (703) 610-0203; www.drf.org.

7-9, New York State Speech Language Hearing Association, 45th Annual Convention, Long Island, NY. Contact: (518) 786-0947; http://www.nysslha.org.  

8-10, Missouri Speech-Language-Hearing Annual Convention, Osage Beach, Mo. Contact: www.showmemsha.org.

15-16, 26th Annual NeuroAudiology Seminar, Savannah, Ga. Contact: (912) 819-2479.

15-16, Annual Convention of the Maryland Speech-Language-Hearing Association, Timonium, MD. Contact: http://www.mdslha.org.

21-23, South Dakota Speech Language Hearing Association, Spring Convention, Sioux Falls, SD. Contact: www.sdslha.org.

22-23, Nebraska Hearing Society, 2005 Spring Seminar, Lincoln, Ne. Contact: (402) 476-9573; www.nslha.org.

28-30, Hearing Health Care Providers of California, 56th Annual Convention, Rohnert Park, Calif. Contact: www.hhp/ca.org.


12, 13, & 14, GN Otometrics VNG/ENG Course, Atlanta, Ga. Contact: (800) 289-2150; www.gnotometrics.com.

12-14, American Academy of Private Practice in Speech Pathology and Audiology, 2005 Spring Conference and Clinical Institute, Miami Beach, Fla. Contact: www.aappspa.org.

12-15, Mid-America Conference on Hearing, Louisville, Ky. Contact: (859) 283-5422; www.midamericaconferenceonhearing.com.

29–June 2, Speech Pathology Australia National Conference, Practicality and Impact: Making a Difference in the Real World, Rydges Lakeside, Canberra, Australia. Contact [email protected].


9-10, GN Otometrics Course, Infants with Hearing Loss: Assessment and Intervention, Chicago. (800) 289-2150; www.gnotometrics.com.

17-18, University of Pittsburgh Conference, The Art and Science of Teaching Amplification, Pittsburgh, Pa. Contact: (412) 383-6748; http://www.shrs.pitt.edu/csd/degrees/cont_edu.html

24-26, Acoustic Neuroma Association, 17th National Symposium, Lake Buena Vista, Fla. Contact: (770) 205-8211; [email protected].


10-22, Clarke School for the Deaf, Summer Adventure 2005: Celebrate America, Northampton, Mass. Contact: (413) 584-3450; www.clarkeschool.org/summer2005.htm.

29-31, Audiological Resource Association, Summer Convention, Baltimore. Contact: www.audiologyonline.com.


7-11, Association of Late-Deafened Adults, 17th Annual International Conference, Salt Lake City. Contact: http://www.aldaslc.org/webaldacon.

8-10, GN Otometrics, VNG/ENG Course, Seattle. Contact: (800) 289-2150; www.gnotometrics.com.

16-17, Minnesota Hearing Healthcare Providers Inc, Annual Convention, Bloomington, Minn. Contact: (507) 825-5776; [email protected].

22-23, VA RR&D National Center for Rehabilitative Auditory Research Conference, The Aging Auditory System: Considerations for Rehabilitation, Portland, Ore. Contact: www.ncrar.org.

22-24, University of Iowa Health Care, 13th Annual Conference: Management of the Tinnitus Patient, Iowa City, Iowa. Contact: (319) 356-2471.


20-22, GN Otometrics, VNG/ENG Course, Seattle. Contact: (800) 289-2150; www.gnotometrics.com.

26-29, Academy of Dispensing Audiologists, 2005 Convention, Savannah, Ga. Contact: (866) 493-5544; www.audiologist.org