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Earlens Contact Hearing Solution Introduced with Inductive Coupling vs Light-Driven Coupling

In January 2019, the FDA approved a new and improved inductive radio power system for the Earlens Contact Hearing Solution which replaced the previous light-driven system. This article details the advantages of this change, and provides study results on the benefits of the inductive coupling system and how it is equal to or surpasses the light-driven system in several parameters.

We’re Almost There for Music…

Over the past several years, the hearing aid industry has responded to the need for improved hearing aid processing for the listening to, and the playing of, music. Better-configured A/D converters and a number innovations have provided great solutions. Marshall Chasin explains why emulating a single-channel processor might be the next “big step” forward for audiophiles with hearing aids.

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Philips Hearing Aids Introduced by Demant

The Philips brand portfolio–one of the world’s best known and leading health technology brands–will enter the hearing aid market in a complete range of Philips HearLink premium hearing aids. Demant, the exclusive hearing aid brand licensee of Philips, looks to the potential of addressing new segments on a global scale combining first-class hearing technology with a well-known brand.

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Real-life Hearing Aid Benefit with Widex EVOKE

A multinational survey of hearing aid users shows substantial advantages and high satisfaction rates for the new Widex EVOKE hearing aid. Additionally, the device’s SoundSense Learn feature was shown to provide real-time personal sound customization that would not have been achievable via a conventional fitting rationale.

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BIHIMA Releases Q3 Results on UK Hearing Aid Sales

According to BIHIMA’s announcement, the “most significant” development is the continued growth in the number of units distributed through the private market in the UK: the number of unit sales increased by 2,756 units (3.5%) from the previous year and by 2,638 (3.3%) from Q2 2018. YTD (year-to-date) unit sales were also up 3.8% from 2017.

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