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Lantos Technologies Relaunches So Professionals Can “Own the Ear” with Custom ITE/RIC Fittings

Lantos Technologies wants hearing care professionals to "own the ear" by providing better technology for the 3D scanning and replication of the dynamic ear canal–for improved sound quality, reduced feedback, and better comfort and retention for the wearer. Learn more about the Lantos relaunch and watch a short interview of company CEO Paul Harkness who provides his perspectives on customizing hearing aid fittings for enhanced patient-centered care and greater customer satisfaction.

Fitting Equipment


Performance and Preference of an Automatic Hearing Aid System in Real-World Listening Environments

A recent study assessed the capability of Phonak AutoSense OS to provide optimal and preferable listening in three complex, real-life listening environments: 1) A highly echoic room with presentation of speech from behind and noise interference, 2) a running car, and 3) a busy coffee shop. The findings suggest that AutoSense OS not only provides significantly greater ease of use than a manual program, but can also provide optimal hearing in challenging, realistic listening environments.

Improving Patient Perception of Clinical Services Through Real-ear Measurements

This study assessed the impact of REMs on consumer satisfaction as a service component during hearing aid fittings. For the SERVAL scale, overall results revealed that the REM protocol reduced emotional distress, and improved perceived quality of service and value of the fitting compared to the Quick-fit protocol in 3 groups of participants.

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