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Service-Delivery Considerations of Direct-to-Consumer Devices in the New Age of Rehabilitative Hearing Healthcare

While hearing care professionals might perceive OTC/DTC as a threat or detrimental to their professional autonomy and livelihood, authors Rupa Balachandran and Amyn Amlani show how there are opportunities to meet the demand of listeners with impaired hearing through the provision of revenue-generating professional services. These service opportunities allow for the preservation of the independent practice channel for those practitioners who understand and recognize the economics of the transformed, and continually evolving, US hearing healthcare environment.

Testing & Diagnostics


Multi-center Evidence of Reduced Listening Effort Using New Hearing Aid Technology

This review of clinical studies from three leading hearing aid research centers shows a consistent trend for the Signia primax features to significantly reduce listening effort. Moreover, research from one site revealed that speech recognition performance for hearing-impaired listeners (pure-tone average 35-60 dB) using the primax Narrow Directionality algorithm was equal to that of normal-hearing individuals for the same speech-in-noise task.

Inventis Establishes New North American Office in Minneapolis

Inventis SRL—the Italian audiometric equipment manufacturer of audiometers, video otoscopes, REM systems, and more—has announced the opening of its new US office in Minneapolis, the company’s first office established outside its world headquarters in Padova, Italy. Riccardo Rizzoli, who has been with Inventis for 6 years, has been appointed as its managing director.

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Using Tracking of Noise Tolerance (TNT) as an Outcome Measure for Hearing Aids

The TNT is a reliable and efficient clinical test that allows measurement of a hearing-impaired listener’s tolerance for noise—with and without hearing aids—so that the results can be compared to normal-hearing listeners, among various hearing aid features, and on the same individual over time. This tool may also be useful for estimating potential satisfaction of the fitted hearing aids in real-life noisy environments.

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