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How Do Medical Masks Degrade Speech Reception?

This study shows that each type of medical mask essentially functions as a low-pass acoustic filter for speech, attenuating the high frequencies (2000-7000 Hz) spoken by the wearer by 3 to 4 dB for a simple medical mask and close to 12 dB for the N95 masks. In the era of Covid-19, Alexander Goldin, Barbara Weinstein, and Nimrod Shiman also explain how some of these problems might be overcome.

WS Audiology is ‘First Hearing Aid Company’ to Receive Eu MDR Certification

The certification process at WS Audiology, with hearing aids and related software in scope, started with on-site audits in October and November of 11 sites in Europe, the US, China, and Singapore. During these audits, the company reports that its new quality management system was reviewed by notified body TüV Süd to ensure compliance to the EU Medical Device Regulation.

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