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A Comment on Biden’s Recent Executive Order Regarding Hearing Care

Recently, Good Morning America (ABC) aired a story about a recent announcement from the Biden administration regarding hearing aids. According to the story, the Biden administration has issued an executive order directed to the Department of Health and Human Services to do two things. First, to issue plans to “combat price gouging” regarding hearing aid costs within 45 days and second, to take action within 120 days to propose getting hearing aids available over the counter.

Outrage or Contrition? How to React to the USPSTF’s Apathy on Hearing Screening by Physicians

As it did 8 years ago, USPSTF has come to the same conclusion that there is not enough evidence to recommend physicians screen for hearing loss in adults age 50 and older without signs or symptoms of hearing loss. How should we react to this? An opinion is offered from Karl Strom, Douglas Beck, David Fabry, Thomas Powers, and Kate Carr.

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Individuals with Hearing Loss Allege Health Plan Discriminated Against Them in Denial of Coverage

A federal appeals court who heard the case determined that “insurance companies cannot discriminate against disabled people by broadly denying coverage for the types of treatment they need,” according to the article, but said the plaintiffs may not be entitled to coverage because “not everyone with a hearing loss is disabled.”

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Warren and Rice Advocate to Attach Key Audiology Bill to COVID-19 Relief Packages

A bipartisan group is urging fellow Members of Congress to include provisions of the Medicare Audiologist Access and Services Act (H.R. 4056/S. 2446) in upcoming COVID-19 packages. The bill would include eliminating physician order requirements, updating the Medicare statute to classify audiologists as (LLP) practitioners, and authorizing Medicare to reimburse audiologists for the Medicare-covered medically necessary treatment services.

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