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NIDCD Scientists Honored for Contributions to The Cancer Genome Atlas

After more than a decade of work by more than 150 TCGA researchers at institutions across North America, TCGA scientists have created molecular maps of more than 20,000 primary cancer and matched normal samples spanning 33 cancer types, laying the foundation for precision cancer medicine.

Oticon Appoints Three New Vice Presidents

Oticon President Gary Rosenblum has announced the appointment of three new Oticon Vice Presidents: Josephine Poelma, MS, PMP to Vice President, Learning and Development; Dawn Spring, MBA to Vice President, Customer Experience; and Douglas Beck, AuD, to Vice President, Academic Sciences.

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Starkey Announces Executive Appointments

Dr Archelle Georgiou is the company’s new Chief Health Officer. Starting February 10, industry veteran Heinz Ruch will take on the role of Chief Business Development Officer. Additionally, the company has promoted Chris McCormick to Chief Growth Officer and Paul Phillips to EVP of Global Sales.

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