Remote Receiver
Sonic Alert, Troy, Mich, introduces the Sonic Siren, its newly-designed remote receiver. The Siren features adjustable tone and volume controls, with a tone range of 400-1250 Hz. Volume can also be adjusted up to 113 dB. In addition, the product can be used in any wall socket, and is adaptable with all Sonic Alert signalers.

 High-output Receiver
Knowles Electronics, Itasca, Ill, introduces the HC series high-output receiver. Utilizing new reed and motor designs, along with an improved diaphragm construction, the HC series offers maximum output levels previously found in receivers 50% larger. The product is ideal for mini-BTE, ITE, and ITC applications where small size and high output is needed. In addition, the HC delivers a greater maximum output (+6dB) compared to the standard FC and EH series receivers. It also reportedly produces double the maximum output (+3dB) versus similarly sized competitive receivers.

Intrason, Paris, introduces Line 700, its new BTE range. Featuring purer and softer curves, these new aids are designed to improve acoustic comfort in a discreet fashion. The range combines rigid plastic and soft rubber parts, and also includes the company’s new digital circuits and algorithms that have been developed in partnership with French specialists.