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Managing Managed Care

Managed care is substantially growing in depth and breadth every year. Telehealth, OTC, the current pandemic, and other factors significantly impact the modern hearing care office in tandem with managed care. Therefore, as we evaluate, select and participate in managed care, we must seek and select the opportunities which best meet the goals and needs of the modern hearing care office.

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The Need for Standards in Audiology

In creating and adopting standards of practice for audiology, we provide a shield for ourselves and our patients that will demonstrate the high level of care audiologists are capable of providing, improve confidence in audiology care, deter others from infringing on the audiology scope of practice, and protect each other from legal threats which may arise in the future.

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FOCAS: Family Oriented Communication Assessment and Solutions

The FOCAS tool is designed to: 1) Actively seek input from both the client and family during the hearing needs and goal setting process; 2) Assess whether these are near- or far-field situations, and 3) Help to determine the optimal solutions for each. This paper by David Crowhen, MAud, and Bettina Turnbull, MAud, describes the survey results, rationale for, and how to use the FOCAS tool.

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