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eAudiology: Shifting from Theory to Practice

The aim of this consensus statement is to provide recommendations to hearing care providers for integrating eAudiology into their existing practice as a means to reach new patients, enhance patient care, and increase the value of their services. It is the result of an Expert Panel convened by Phonak in January 2018.

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Aural Rehabilitation for Older Adults

From our experience as clinicians who serve the age-80+ population and the emerging scientific evidence about this patient group, it is older patients who are most likely to benefit from aural rehabilitation (AR) programs, and therefore, more eager to attend AR classes. Future studies on AR and auditory training should focus upon this important population.

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NAS/IOM Committee Recommends New OTC Hearing Aid Class, End to Waiver System, and Unbundling of Hearing Aid Prices

Among a dozen recommendations, the Committee on Accessible and Affordable Hearing Health Care for Adults would like to see the FDA establish an over-the-counter class of hearing devices, an end to the “waiver system,” hearing aids that have open programming, and portability of consumers’ audiograms and hearing aid programming information.

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