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NEW Webinar: The 3 Ways to Acquire New Patients and Get an Edge on the Competition

In this webinar, Kevin St Clergy shows how to use online marketing strategies—including online reviews and direct-response websites—and your current database to increase repeat sales and first-time customers in a cost-effective manner. The 30-minute webinar, courtesy of CareCredit, explains the top-3 ways to assess, change, and effectively employ your practice market to acquire more business.

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Webinar: Hearing Loss and Associated Comorbidities: What Do We Know?

Many recent studies have linked hearing loss to disabling conditions, such as cognitive decline, depression, diabetes, falls, heart disease, and many more. This webinar—presented by Harvey Abrams, PhD, and sponsored by Hamilton CapTel—reviews several of the most eye-opening of these studies and summarizes their findings so that hearing care professionals can use them for better patient counseling—as well as to help educate doctors and primary care physicians for more patient referrals.

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Interacoustics Academy Announces New Webinar Series

The Interacoustics Academy, the technological knowledge center at Interacoustics specialized in audiological and vestibular training, announced that they will host a new series of free, live webinars in Spring 2017. The five planned webinars cover the latest diagnostic insights and clinical trends in audiologic and vestibular technologies and their applications.

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