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Growth Strategies


Phone Script Tips: Arming Your Receptionist or PCC with the Tools to Succeed

In some ways, handling the initial phone call from a potential customer is as important as programming a hearing aid, says hearing care consultant Von Hansen. Because you don't have to worry about hearing aid programming, verification and validation, AR, etc, if you can’t get the patient to come into your office in the first place.

Growth Strategies


The Costco Effect

Does the presence of hearing aid dispensing Costco locations influence nearby private practices’ hearing aid revenue and average sale price performance? This study analyzes the relationship between the proximity of Costco locations and Audigy members’ hearing aid sales performance. Results indicate nearby Costco locations have a neutral to weak positive impact on Audigy members’ hearing aid revenue and average sale price.

Cash-Flow in Hard Times: Managing a Practice Through Covid-19 and Other Disasters

Managing a hearing care practice has never been more challenging than during the Covid-19 pandemic. Practice management expert and industry veteran Dan Quall, MS, provides tips for managing cash-flow, revenue generation and patient care, and how to prepare your practice for emerging from this crisis stronger than ever.

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hearOclub: Battery Club Services in Partnership with Dispensing Offices

With progressively severe hearing care office closings, travel bans/advisories, and general uncertainty on the horizon, hearOclub can help your patients get their hearing aid batteries while minimizing disruptions and keeping patients engaged with their hearing care professional. HearOclub is a new hearing aid battery club service designed for partnership and revenue-sharing with hearing care professionals.

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Competing in the New Era of Hearing Healthcare, Part 3: Differentiating the Practice with Product and Technology

Adding value to the patient experience requires change. The use of innovative products and technologies in a hearing healthcare practice is essential for survival—and it is expected by patients. Why send patients to the internet or electronic stores for products that can be offered in the practice and increase the patient experience? Why not use technology to improve practice procedures and efficiency?

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Competing in the New Era of Hearing Healthcare, Part 1: Developing a Sound Competitive Strategy

Should you try to compete on price, focus on a specific audiological niche like pediatrics or implants, or differentiate your practice by creating a unique patient experience? Longtime private practice audiologist, Robert Traynor, EdD, MBA, explains how to “avoid getting stuck in the middle” and instead develop a competitive strategy that is right for your hearing healthcare practice and right for your market.

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Service-Delivery Considerations of Direct-to-Consumer Devices in the New Age of Rehabilitative Hearing Healthcare

While hearing care professionals might perceive OTC/DTC as a threat or detrimental to their professional autonomy and livelihood, authors Rupa Balachandran and Amyn Amlani show how there are opportunities to meet the demand of listeners with impaired hearing through the provision of revenue-generating professional services. These service opportunities allow for the preservation of the independent practice channel for those practitioners who understand and recognize the economics of the transformed, and continually evolving, US hearing healthcare environment.

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