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Ida Institute Launches ‘My Hearing Explained’ Tool

Based on three simple terms—volume, clarity, and brain energy—the tool is a conversation guide that uses a playful visual with familiar icons to illustrate how hearing loss affects a person. The tool allows the professional to note what the patient hears, what they struggle with, and their most important communication situations.

May is BHSM: #CheckYourHearing and #HearWellStayVital

There is a movement afoot to breathe new life into Better Hearing & Speech Month (BHSM) and recast it for the 21st Century—and social media. In the past year, all the national professional organizations (AAA, ASHA, ADA, and IHS), along with HLAA and the ACI Alliance, have signed onto a public awareness campaign designed to bring hearing healthcare to the forefront during May. Here are some easy social media messages and movie clips to help promote Better Hearing & Speech Month, as well as your own great work in hearing healthcare—starting on May 1!

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Toward Differential Diagnosis in Adult Hearing Healthcare

If the inquisitive individual starts asking about the why of his/her hearing loss—the actual physical reasons and possible proof—and what anatomical structures are involved (and/or by how much), I’m afraid most dispensing professionals necessarily resort to studious equivocation. Although important strides have been made, routine differential diagnosis remains something of a chimera when it comes to hearing loss.

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Biosensors in Hearing Aids: Technology to Enable Daily Healthcare through Hearables

Biometric sensors will change what hearing aids and amplification devices do and how consumers think about them, says Kow Ping, founder and director of Well Being Digital (WBD101) which has developed a heart-rate and fitness sensor system. He provides his perspective on his industry’s race to appeal to consumers with normal-to-moderate hearing loss, and how amplification and biosensor devices will be merging.

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