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‘Audiology Healthcare News’ Publishes 25th Year Anniversary Issue

Audiology HealthCare News, a customized newsletter written for audiologists to mail to their local physicians and other healthcare providers, announced that it recently published its 25th year anniversary issue. The popular newsletter written by audiologist Dennis Hampton, PhD, has provided over a million contacts with primary care physicians and other healthcare providers.

Ida Institute Partners with Healthy Hearing and Hearing Directory

The Ida Institute announced a new collaboration between the Ida Institute, Healthy Hearing, and Hearing Directory, which will allow people with hearing loss across the US and Canada to identify hearing care professionals and clinics that have earned the Inspired by Ida label, “a benchmark of quality that signals dedication to person-centered care.”

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The Quest for Audiometric Zero

As with most sciences, there are some notable quirks in audiology, and the zero decibel point on the audiometer is one of them. Here is a brief history of the evolution of audiometric zero, the conflicting studies and controversies surrounding it, and how “0 dB” on the audiometer was ultimately established and standardized.

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Clear Digital Media Launches Hearing Tracker Reviews Plug-in for HNN

Hearing Tracker is an independent consumer review platform for hearing aids, hearing providers, and hearing centers. This creative collaboration is said to help unify web reviews and TV to form a combination that not only helps clients “build their online presence” but also helps influence client’s patients while they wait.

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