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Sonic Enchant Line Adds SoundClip-A to Stream Sounds in Stereo from Numerous Devices

Sonic has expanded the wireless connectivity options of its Enchant hearing aids with the introduction of SoundClip-A. The easy-to-use, lightweight SoundClip-A allows users to stream stereo sound hands-free to both hearing aids from all Bluetooth® 2.1 smartphones and devices. The small, ergonomically designed clip-on device delivers added benefit as a wireless remote/partner microphone for easier listening when the speaker is at a distance or in noisy environments where listening is difficult. SoundClip-A also enables remote volume control, program changes, and call pick-up with just the press of a button.

Webinar: A Front Office to Back Office Marketing Approach for Physician and Patient Referrals

A 23-minute webinar about implementing a layered approach to physician and patient marketing using disease state messaging is now available on-demand. In the webinar Brad Dodson and Robert Tysoe explain how to effectively implement a “Disease State Marketing plan” at your practice and target those physician offices that have patients with high co-morbidity correlations with hearing loss. By using a muti-layered approach that involves both your front office, as well as you and/or your professional staff, the presenters demonstrate how to increase the effectiveness of your physician marketing program.

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How Generational Trends Influence Buying Patterns: Consumers, Caregivers, and Professionals

In order to understand how different generations view hearing healthcare professional services—and especially hearing aids—it is necessary to define the generations and look at the social values each has in defining their generation. This article contrasts the Builders (1925-1945) and Baby Boomers (1946-1964) generations and cites implications for caregivers and dispensing professionals.

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