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News Story #789

Digital Hearing Instruments GN ReSound announces the completion of the Canta4 product family with the introduction of the Canta 4-430 ITC and the Canta 4-410 CIC. Both instruments feature Digital Cochlea Dynamics sound processing, 14 band noise re

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News Story #465

Signaling System Ultratec, Inc., Madison, WI, manufacturer of text telephones (TTYs) and amplified phones for people who are deaf or hard of hearing, introduces a new signaling system called Simplicity™, the updated replacement to the Watchma

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News Story #436

Ear-Lite Bio-Medical Technologies, Mandeville, LA, introduces the OTO-CONTROL™ Ear-Lite featuring an “eye” through which the otoblock string or vent tube of a vented ear dam is fed. The otoblock is now designed to be controlled comp

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