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New Paper Explores Audiologists’ Evolving Role As a ‘Hearing Loss Mitigation Counselor’

A new paper from a group of private-practice audiologists explores how the future of hearing healthcare depends upon recognizing and serving patients from a whole-person perspective—moving away from the narrow view of addressing hearing loss through amplification only, to becoming “hearing loss mitigation counselors” and treating the needs of the individual.

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Blog: Sound Quality as a Tipping Point for the Younger, Milder Hearing Loss Market

Exceptional sound quality—above all the other “bells and whistles” that the latest generation of hearing aids provide (eg, connectivity, remote fine-tuning, hands-free phone calls, motion-sensors and tap controls, virtual assistants, etc)—may turn out to be THE final hurdle for convincing younger people with milder hearing losses to purchase a hearing aid.

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Competing in the New Era of Hearing Healthcare, Part 4: Differentiating Your Practice Relationships in the Covid-19 Era and Beyond

“The meeting of two personalities is like contact of two chemical substances: If there is a reaction, both are transformed,” said Carl Jung. Here is a look at how various personality styles and preferences—of both patients and clinicians—can be appreciated and accounted for through proven methods during the hearing rehabilitiative process.

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What Is “Normal Hearing” for Older Adults and Can “Normal-hearing Older Adults” Benefit from Hearing Care Intervention?

Researcher and author Larry Humes, PhD, points out that large-scale studies have identified self-reported hearing difficulties as one of the strongest predictors of hearing aid uptake and use. He says this further reinforces the need for the older consumer and the hearing care professional to quantify the severity of hearing difficulties above and beyond those captured by the pure-tone audiogram.

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