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Hearing Aid Market Roars Back in First Half 2021

The latest statistics from the Hearing Industries Association (HIA) indicate a big comeback in 2021 for US hearing aid dispensing. For the first half of 2021, net unit sales rose by 61.6% when compared to H1 2020, and by 13.5% when compared to the pre-pandemic period of H1 2019.

US Hearing Aid Sales Increase by 5.3% in 2018; Approach 4-Million Unit Mark

US hearing aid unit sales increased by 5.3% in 2018, falling just 30,000 units short of the 4 million mark, according to HIA fourth quarter statistics. For the year, the commercial sector experienced unit sales gains of 5.95%, while the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) dispensing activity increased by 2.4%.

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Will Hearing Aid Sales Top 4 Million Units in 2018?

According to HIA statistics, the US hearing aid market has experienced sales gains of 5.9% and may exceed 4 million hearing aid units dispensed by the end of 2018. Here’s a summary of the US hearing industry statistics through the third quarter of this year, including a look at the most-common styles of hearing aids sold.

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OTC Hearing Aid Consensus Statement Published by AAA, ADA, IHS, and ASHA

The unprecedented consensus statement from four national hearing care professional organizations recommends the new FDA classification be called “Self-fit OTC hearing devices.” The paper recommends the new class be intended for mild-to-moderate hearing losses of 26-55 dB HL (26 max HFA-FOG/110 dB max output), offer input compression and volume controls, contain clear and easy-to-understand labeling both on the inside and outside of the packaging, and require at last one 510(k) filing for initial FDA approval to ensure the basic safety and efficacy of the device.

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US Hearing Aid Sales Up by 5.7% in First Half of 2018

In the second quarter of 2018, US quarterly sales of hearing aids exceeded 1 million net units for the first time in the industry’s history, according to statistics generated by the Hearing Industries Association (HIA). In Q2 2018, unit sales increased by 5.73% compared to the same period last year—the exact same percentage growth as the first quarter’s sales’ growth rate.

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HIA Retools; Names Jane Reese-Coulbourne as New Executive Director

In what has been dubbed as the beginning phases of “HIA 2.0,” the Hearing Industries Association (HIA) has announced the appointment of Jane Reese-Coulbourne, MS, as the organization’s new executive director. HIA is embarking on a journey to renew itself in the dynamic marketplace of hearing healthcare with more focused conversations and collaborations with legislators in Washington, DC, as well as with allied organizations and consumer advocacy groups.

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