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How to Manage in Managed Care

While provider participation in managed care remains optional, managed care is now an integral part of US healthcare, and hearing care as a supplemental benefit continues to grow in private and public health plans. Part 1 (published in September) of this 3-part series was a primer on health insurance and managed care. In Part 2, we investigate the recent growth of managed care and the expansion of supplemental benefits such as dental, vision, and hearing care and common perceptions and criticisms of managed care among hearing healthcare providers.

Getting Ahead of the Curve, Part 1: Four Cornerstones of a Fee-for-Service Clinic

The hearing healthcare landscape is changing, but there are several ways to not only survive but thrive in this new age including Medicare Advantage programs and constantly improving direct-to-consumer hearing devices. Part 1 looks at practical pathways for shifting to a fee-for-service (unbundled) business model.

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Managed Care: Threat or Opportunity?

Managed care continues to pose challenges and opportunities for hearing healthcare professionals. In 2017, the number of individual Medicare Advantage enrollees enrolled in a plan with a hearing aid benefit increased to 65% from only 47% in 2015. This article presents a perspective on the evolution of managed care and how dispensing professionals can evolve and adapt in these changing times.

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