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Oticon Expands Oticon More Family

More options -- from the new miniRITE T with disposable batteries, and the portable SmartCharger, to new fitting options, and a music-oriented signal processing program -- help allow hearing care professionals to “better match each patient’s lifestyle, needs, and preferences.”  For patients with single-sided deafness, Oticon also extends the Oticon CROS family with a new rechargeable Oticon CROS PX transmitter that is compatible with Oticon More.

Better Speech-in-Noise Testing: Demonstration with Dual Variable Speed Compression

How do we assess the speech-in-noise performance of hearing aids in real-life settings to obtain clinically meaningful results? This article looks at several problems related to this issue, including what might constitute “real-life” SNRs and test environments, the variability of patient test scores at different SNRs, and the nonlinearity of modern hearing aids, using the new Widex dual-variable speed compression system as an example.

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